As an award winning author, Cathryn Fox has been around for a while.  I found out about her in 2008 from a now defunct group called Wicked Writers, and have been hooked ever since.  What’s even cooler is that she enjoys cooking competitions like I do.  Awesome! If you haven’t been reading her work, you’re missing a tantalizing treat.  Meanwhile, take a moment to get to know Cathryn, and I guarantee you’ll fall in love with the phenomenal woman she is, just as I have.
You’ve mentioned that you’ve always read romance novels, but inquiring minds want to know what you were like as a kid?

I was a total tomboy!  When my sisters got dolls for Christmas, I got a fire engine.  Hmm, now that I think about that, perhaps that’s why I love firefighters so much! 

Your writing is pretty steamy and deliciously erotic. Do you ever try any of your lines on your husband?  How long have you been married, and do you believe that being in a relationship makes it easier to write erotic romance?

My husband walks proudly and tells everyone that HE is the hero in all my stories.  LOL.  Funny you should ask how long I’ve been married. We went out to dinner with university friends last night and were talking about this.  I dated my husband 6 years before we were married.  I met him at 18 and we’ve been together for 29 years this November, married 23 years this December.  I’m not sure being in a committed relationship makes it easier or not.  Perhaps if I ‘fooled’ around a bit, it might give me new ideas.  J Kidding!!

You’re married to a meteorologist – does your husband talk about weather when you least expect it?(lol)

I am a MASTER at nodding during appropriate times in conversation when he’s talking about the weather and I’ve tuned him out.  Just like he’s a MASTER at nodding when I talk about my books and he’s tuned me out.  It works for us.  J

What was your worst day and why?

Well, I can tell you what my worst day this year was.  My twenty year old son went to India for an internship, and got Typhoid!  He was admitted to hospital, and I had no way to contact him, didn’t know what hospital he was at and had language barriers trying to get information.  Scariest time ever!  He’s okay, and back at university now!

What was the best gift you’ve ever given your husband?

Two beautiful, healthy children. After I wrote this I went in to the room and asked him this question. He thought for a moment, and then said KIDS!! I was worried for a second though, because I thought he was going to say ‘permission to get a motorcycle’.  He loves his motorcycle!

You live in Canada, but if you ever had the opportunity would you move to another country?

I don’t CARE where, just somewhere warm!!

How were the authors chosen for Love in Disguise, and do you know any of them personally?  Did each of you have a deadline to turn in your work to the publisher?

I was invited to be part of the boxed set, and the awesome, smart and talented Julia Kent is the driving force behind this.  I knew quite a few of the authors and feel very fortunate to be a part of this collection. 

Two new books will be released in November this year, and In the Line of Duty #1 comes out in the spring of 2014.  You’re a mom, a wife and award-winning author.  How do you prioritize and keep your sanity?

It’s a bit easier now with both of my kids off at university.  My hubby is a shift worker, who does wood working and loves to cruise on his motorcycle on his days off, so I have a quiet house most of the times.  I can get quite a bit done in the run of a day, but my hubby and I always spend our nights together when he’s not working. 

What meals are on your table during the week?

I’m a foodie, but not a great cook.  I love trying new recipes and always try to put a nice meal on the table.  My crock pot is my friend.

What’s your favorite thing to eat?

I love seafood!

What do family and friends think of your books and do they ever ask for free copies? (lol)

It’s rarely the topic of conversation and no one ever asks for freebies.  I’m not sure if this makes me happy or sad!!!

Do you feel you need to write differently now than you did in 2008?

Oh yes, I believe I’ve grown and matured as a writer and my writing is different.  I feel like I’m in a good place right now but I think we should continue to grow, learn and change. 

I totally enjoyed visiting the “O” Spa in Sun Stroked along with your main characters Danielle, Lauren and Abby.  As a veteran, your portrayal of hot heroes who happen to protect our country really touched my heart, making it my favorite.  Was your story derived from people you know?

Thank you!  I lived in a military town for fourteen years, so the ideas came from those around me but weren’t specific to any one person.

How do you handle writer’s block?

READ READ READ, refill the well.

Do you see yourself ever writing anything other than romance novels in the future?

Probably not.  Romance is in my soul!

Will electronic books take over in the next 10 years? 
I think there will always be a place for print and electronic.

What’s your pet peeve? 
Laundry sitting on the floor BESIDE the laundry basket!  WHY!!! Why can’t you just put it in the basket…okay, breathing, relaxing…it’s not worth getting worked about..LOL

What would be people be surprised to know about you? 
I’m a foodie but not a great cook.

Tell us in one sentence what best describes who you are? 
Hard worker, lover of books and animal and champion for my kids no matter what they do!

On shopping trips with your daughter, are you buying more books, more household items or more clothes, and who has the most shoes in her closet? 
HAHA, we hit every shoe store.  SHE has more shoes and sadly, we don’t wear the same size.

Is there any author you’d like to work with within the next 2 years?

Oh my goodness yes! Too many to name.

You enjoy romantic movies and action movies, what about reality programming?
My daughter got me into Big Brother one season but I haven’t watched it since.  I do love reality cooking show competitions.  I’m sad Breaking Bad is over, but happy that The Walking Dead is starting up!!

If you could ever spare the time, where would you like to travel for a visit with your family?

What can I say, I love the mouse!! I’d love to go to Disney.          

Do you believe writers are born, or created?

I’d like to say born, but I really didn’t know I wanted to be a writer until much later in life.  Although I did love to make up elaborate stories when I was a kid—most times to get me out of trouble.  LOL

One of the things that has always been really neat about you is your accessibility to your readers, either on Facebook, your Blog, or via e-mail, and you’re a pretty darn nice person! (lol)  Is there such as thing as being too available for your fans, and if so, how do you balance that?

You know, it only takes a few minutes of my time to answer an email or post on facebook, etc., so why wouldn’t I! I LOVE to hear from readers and other authors and I’ve met some amazing people in this business.  People like you, Ro!!  As far as being nice, what can I say, I’m Canadian.  LOL

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you since you’ve been writing?

This is a funny but touching story.  Years ago when my son was around 14 we went to the grocery store.  He asked if he could go look at the toys while I grabbed a few things.  He then met up with me and I noticed he was acting strange and was holding his sweater funny.  I thought it odd but then continued to shop.  We got toe the car and he jumped into the back seat (he never wanted to sit in the back seat so this seemed odd to me too) and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him shove something into the pouch behind the driver’s seat.  Alarm bells jangled, and I thought he stole something!!  I made him get out of the car and show me what he shoved in the pouch.  IT WAS A HARLEQUIN BLAZE book for my upcoming birthday.  Then he showed me the receipt. He pretended to go look at toys, and instead darted to the book section, ran to the cash and bought the book.  Then he met up with me, and had it hidden under his sweater.   What’s funny is the book had a sexy couple on it, and the girl was in a short, short skirt.  Can you imagine what the cashier thought!!

Readers are dying to know, and we’re okay if you want to remain incognito (lol) – with such a foxy name, is Cathryn Fox your real name, and if not, how did you come up with it?

Okay, you’re going to LAUGH, when I tell you how I came up with Cathryn Fox.  Cathryn is my real name only I spell it differently.  It’s the Fox part that is funny.  I’m a HUGE fan of Michael J. Fox.  My son is named Alex, after his character on Family Ties.  So that’s where Fox comes from!!

I love Family Ties and think it’s adorable that you’ve borrowed from the show in your real life.   Thank you so much for taking time to speak with me, and sharing so much of “you”.  We wish Cathryn many more years of writing and marital bliss with her hero hubby!!

For more info on Cathryn, please visit her website at, or visit her on Facebook.  If you’d like to purchase her latest release, Love in Disguise, get the best deal at .

BIG Hugs…

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