We specialize in working with start-up operations, small businesses and event planners. We will work with you to find the best strategy to meet your budget, and the needs of your business.  

Social Media is a powerful way to profile your business and meet your marketing goals on a consistent basis.

We provide standalone or package pricing which includes one-time retainer fees.

Facebook Platform
Set Up a Facebook Page, if needed
Update About Section
Prepare and schedule 3 shares with exclusive content per week. (Does Not Include Weekends)
Provide positive engagements 5 x per week, which includes shares, likes and comments with other business posts
Respond to comments and messages from clients and/or prospective customers promptly within that week. (does not include weekends)
Follow 10 businesses per week
Provide monthly statistics

Twitter Platform
Set up a Twitter Paage, if needed 
Update the "About" Section of your page as needed
Prepare and schedule two 2 shares with exclusive content daily. (does not include weekends)
Retweet five (5) industry influencer posts each week (does not include weekends)
Generate positive feedback by responding to @replies, thanking new followers, and those who share your clients posts
Follow 30 new accounts(businesses or personal) on a monthly basis, including follow backs
Provide monthly statistics
RETAINER:  Facebook OR Twitter Only - $350.00 
MONTHLY FEE:  $150.00 for Twitter or Facebook
RETAINER: Facebook AND Twitter - $450.00
MONTHLY FEE: Facebook AND Twitter - $250.00
SHARING ONLY:  $50.00 for 10 Shares, and $25.00 for 6 Shares

We generate creative ideas designed to generate interest and feedback on a weekly basis, and will be shared across all your Social Media platforms. 
700 Words or less 1 x per week = 4 x a month:  $500
1500 Words or more (not to exceed 2200) 1 x per week = 4 x a month: $750.00
*  Pricing includes Interviews

In addition, our skills allow us to provide administrative assistance, and help with special events such as weddings and parties.  We can save you time by making calls, typing correspondence, sending emails, mailing Wedding Gift Thank You Cards/Invitations and more.  We're flexible and fun to do business with, and customer satisfaction is important to us.

Our Administrative Rates are as follows:
RETAINER:  Remote Typing Assistance $100.00 
WEEKLY FEE:  $15.00 per hour w/10 hr weekly minimum
RETAINER: Remote Telephone Calls - $100.00
WEEKLY FEE: $12.00 per hour w/ 5 hr weekly minimum
ONE TIME FEE TO MAIL THANK YOU CARDS/INVITATIONS - up to 100 = $50: 100 or more=$100

WILL ASSIST WEDDING/EVENT PLANNERS with finding vendors for client weddings or special events.

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