One lucky bartender received the tip of a lifetime in Springfield, Oregon from a guest this past Tuesday, according to an article on Yahoo.

The guest who prefers to remain anonymous, asked Aurora to pick 2 tickets as her tip for serving him throughout the evening.  One ticket was worth $5, and the other - a whopping $17,500!  She tried to give the ticket back to him when she realized what it was worth, but he insisted she sign so only she could cash in the ticket.

The next day, she received her money, and did give him a portion of her winnings. She just didn't feel right not giving him something for his kindness. What does she plan do with her sudden windfall?  Purchase a much needed couch, and save the rest!

What an awesome story!



  1. That's a great story and quite a tip!

    1. Hey There Weight2Lose! I thought this was an awesome story as, well! Love to hear about kind acts. Thanks for visiting and BIG Hugs...


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