Thursday, August 7, 2014


Kudos to you for gathering the courage to end what was a terrifying nightmare, but what's next?

You're obviously still in love and quite vulnerable, so this can be the critical stage, making you want to go back into that situation volatile environment.  You feel lonely and empty, wondering what you should do next.

Be prepared for calls of undying love and willingness to change, and while this is good to hear, your focus at this time should be on YOU, and what you need and want to achieve in life.

Remember all those friends you were forbidden to see for fear that your abuser would be exposed?  This is the time to reach out and establish those relationships.  Have you wanted to attend a yoga, cooking or painting class?  Get out there and get it done!

Perhaps there is a job you've been wanting to pursue and didn't have the opportunity.  Now is your chance to jump into life with both feet to do all those things you've been wanting to do.  Expect the best and get it!

As painful as it may be initially, this is the time in your life to think about you and what you want to accomplish to be happy in your life.  You MUST believe in yourself and what you have to offer, despite your abuser's attempt to make you feel otherwise.  He or she tried to control you for days, months or years, but now it's all about assuming control over your own circumstances.  You got away - YAY!

When you feel worried, call a friend, pastor or someone else you can trust and who believes in you.

It's so exciting to see the changes that are coming and your ability to finally feel SAFE.

Be kind to yourself and remember that we applaud you and your efforts!


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