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The new season of the  Worst Cooks in America started this past Sunday, and it's always entertaining. Some of the things that happen on the show literally will have you laughing out loud along with Rachel Ray and Anne Burrell on the Season 10 Edition.   By the way, did you know that Chef Burrell is the only host who's been on the show since the very first season? We met Genique Freeman, the semi-finalist from the Food Network in 2015 and it was quite a thrill!   Yay! She's a much better cook these days, and we're sending a shout out to say hello!

1.  Inquiring minds want to

know how you ended up on "Worst Cooks in America", and did you have to do anything special to become a contestant?

I was nominated by my BFF Jamie who was my college roommate. She thought that it was long overdue for me to learn how to cook especially since I blew up a microwave in college and almost burned down my kitchen trying to make beef stew.

2.  Yikes!  That had to be scary. What's in your fridge and pantry these days?

The fridge actually has food in it so that's a change, and the pantry is getting some action too.

3.  Now that you're a chef, do you cook dinner every night, or do you eat out at restaurants?

Let's be very clear -  I am not a Chef nor do I plan, or have a desire to become one. I have however, been eating out a lot less and cooking at home more.

4.  LOL!  I get it. What's your favorite thing to eat?

Hmmmm… unfortunately nothing healthy. (gasp) I would say it’s a tie between Mashed Potatoes, Gravy and Pork Chops.

5.  You sound exactly like me! You own your spa.  How did you get into this line of work, and are things different now that you've been on the show?

I have always been a Spa girl because I love to be pampered and to pamper others.  When I was 13, I wanted to own a Spa. When I graduated high school, my parents encouraged me to get my Bachelor’s degree and to then pursue my dream of working in the spa industry, so that's what I did. After finishing college, I worked full time as a Social Worker and went to Esthetics School at night. After graduating from that, I worked part time as an Esthetician, then went to Massage School. I have had my own business for over 5 years and love it and my clients . They have been supportive and excited about me being on the show.

6.  When you're not running your business, G’nique’s Spa Services in Fayetteville NC, what are you doing for fun?

I started a community outreach program over 2 years ago, so I stay busy with organizing events to support people in need in my area. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE spending time with my gorgeous niece and nephew!

7.  What a wonderful thing to do for those in need, and spending time with family is always phenomenal. What are you and your friends watching on television these days?

I love Scandal and sadly, I'm a Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills fan. Big Brother is my favorite reality show and that comes on in the summer.

8.  LOL - I've been watching Scandal and Real Housewives, too. Definitely a guilty pleasure. Are you ready to throw a dinner party for friends and family?

NO! The last dinner party was touch & go and I had help :)

9.  A little birdie told me you're in the process of starting your own blog. Can you share more info about that yet?

Not quite yet but stay tuned. It will be LIVE soon, but right now, I'm still editing a few things. It will be an array of beauty and life topics in general.

 10.  What are Tyler (who sent you some fab white roses) and Ann really like in person?

I LOVE TYLER, as I'm sure everyone knows by now. He is as down to earth and genuine as he appears on TV. He is an amazing person and I was honored to work with him. I could go on and on about Tyler, but I won't. Chef Anne is actually nice, contrary to what most people think. She is definitely the kind of person that you know where you stand at all times. If she likes you, she makes it evident when she meets you. She is very passionate about her gift (cooking) and I really respect that. One thing that really stands out for me is that she said she wanted me on her team, and after the finale before I left, she came to where I was and spent about 10 minutes talking to me. She was very complimentary and told me that she would have liked to work with me, and that I did a great job. It was a very nice surprise especially since she didn't do that with any of her own recruits. It really meant alot to me.

11.  Wow!  Good to hear that you received such positive feedback. Do you still speak with any of the other contestants from the show?

Yes!! I'm closest with  David, so he and I are on FaceTime daily since I've been back in NC.  I also talk to Leo probably every other day, usually via FaceTime. I also keep in touch with Norman, Sharif, Christina, Kortni, Susie, Mike Six, and Kristen.

12.  Great to make new friendships and to stay in touch! What would people be surprised to know about you?

Hmmmmmm… that I am deathly afraid of cats, and have a very strong dislike of them. I will not go in someones house that has a cat unless I physically see them put outside or in another room. When people find that out they are shocked and always say " you would love my cat though" and then they start telling me their cat stories.

13.  Uh oh....  Do I dare mention at this point that I'm a cat person and love them?! (lol)  I promise I won't tell you any cat stories, though. What's your number one (1) pet peeve?

People that call you their friend but don't put in the effort.

14.  What do you just have too much of? 


15.  Mine would have to be books and shoes. The rumor is that many of your fans felt that you should have been the winner.  Do you have any thoughts about that?  Do strangers treat you differently?

I have been told so many times that I should have won and everyone has their theories on why I didn't.  My response has been consistent. I'm disappointed that I didn't win but it wasn't my decision, so to dwell on something I can't change is pointless. Kristen won and I wish her nothing but the very best. I think we both did a fantastic job and I'm thankful for the opportunity to participate in the program because it was amazing. I haven't noticed anyone that has treated me differently. Everyone has been supportive.

16.  Where does everyone stay during the show, and are you responsible for cooking your own food, or did you go out as a group to eat?

We stayed in a townhouse together, and the show provided all of our meals.

17.  That sounds like a mini vacation, huh? In closing, I can't tell you how much I admire your courage, confidence and kindness, and your fans absolutely adore you. What plans do you have for the future?

Thank you !! I have plans to continue to try and adapt a healthy lifestyle by losing weight, exercising, and eating healthier. It's so much easier said than done but I'm looking forward to some positive lifestyle changes. Thanks for interviewing me. It was fun.

Now you’re In the Know about Genique and Worst Cooks in America.  If you’d like to know more about Genique, please visit her spa at Broadfoot Ave, located in  Fayetteville, North Carolina.

(910) 494-3332



  1. Oh fun! A Carolina girl :D That's a hoot your best friend nominated you. Heh. Mashed Potatoes are a fav here too :D Yum!

    1. I know, right? The fact that she's a business owner in Fayetteville is totally awesome, and yes, I'm all in for mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, boiled potatoes - lol! It all totally works.

  2. Haha, I love that she blew up a microwave. My brother's GF did that and it was funny ~ but also scary. loved the interview, RO!

    1. Hey There Sarah: The thought of a blown up microwave is downright scary AND funny! Can't imagine it happening, but apparently, that was just too dang much for Genique's best friend! (lol) Glad you liked the interview and even happier that you stopped by to say hello. Hugs...

  3. What a fun interview, and I do a little homemade and a little prepared food..I mix it up according to my day and mood

    1. Hey There Kim: Totally agree with you. Make it as simple as possible by mixing it up a little bit. Particularly with your hectic life. (lol) I really enjoyed getting into this interview, and Genique was totally open and friendly.

  4. How cool, I love this show! That's neat you were able to get an interview with her and get the scoop on some of the happenings on the show. :) Good luck on your food adventure!

    1. I know, right Lanie! The first time I looked at the previews for this show, I couldn't believe it! Then I really became engaged with the contestants, and learned some new techniques, as, well. Finding out about living in a townhouse was really interesting, as well. Had no idea. BIG Hugs to you!

  5. WOrst cooks! Ha! What fun! #GetSocial17

    1. Hey There and welcome! I had fun meeting Genique and finding out more about the show. So thrilled you stopped by! Hugs...

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