Saturday, January 24, 2015


If you're a Blogger does that word make you cringe inside?

Normally, I'm not a finger pointer, and in fact, I won't blast this blogger other than to loosely state that he and his wife are pastors.  Their blog is well written, concise and makes sense, causing me to subscribe and follow them. In support of their blog, I took time to comment and gave them kudos for a job well done.

It wasn't until a week later that I noticed my posts weren't showing up, yet I was still receiving a daily feed of their topics.  Thinking there was something technically wrong on my end, I e-mailed, politely asking if I was doing something improperly because my comments weren't visible.

Meanwhile, there were daily visits to my Blog, but no response, so I e-mailed again with the same result.  I then made a comment using another e-mail and guess what?  It showed up! Uh...huh?

We all have free will, meaning that it's your blog to do with what you will, however, in my opinion, if someone asks a question related to your blog and does so politely with no ill intentions, why not simply respond that you don't want the comments on your page (always positive),  that you have a problem with my blog, or whatever?!  I don't get it, but I'm sort of getting off the topic. (smile)

A Facebook friend and fellow blogger, Anna Cade, from
brought up the topic about commenting on Blogs, and offered positive feedback on why it's good to say hello because it's a great way to boost morale or to meet new friends.

If a person takes the time to create an entire Blog with graphics, provides subject matter to discuss, offers contests, or simply uses it as vehicle to discuss personal feelings, that says the person wants to get the news out to the masses, so one must assume that he or she wants comments.  We visit Blogs about everything because we're interested in seeing what others have to say and to meet new friends. We're still ready to learn more, laugh often or offer support for someone in need.  Some people really put a lot of personal info out for the world to see.

Maybe you'll never have time to read the book someone reviewed, or you may not try that recipe someone suggested, or perhaps you won't enter the contest someone is promoting, and those diet tricks may be fabulous, but won't work for you - yet there may be something on that site you can relate to and get a discussion going.

Like Anna mentioned regarding comments, (see one of her statements below) you'll never know if something you say will lift someone's spirits or provide a different viewpoint, even if it's just one line to say hello.  Take a peek and get your comments on. Hugs...

2. You could be what keeps a blog going!
I love blogging but it can also be a pretty time consuming and solitary thing. For each review I do on the's pretty much 5-8 hours of alone time with reading the book, writing the post and formatting it. Fretting over it. That's a LOT of time spent alone on a regular basis even if you love what you're doing.
And it's nice to know that people are checking out those posts and enjoying them too. 
So if you love a blog and enjoy what they do one really easy way to let them know is leaving comments. It doesn't have to be every day or every post but now and again when you read one and enjoy it take out a few seconds and just jot a note down in the comments :) You might just be the reason a blogger keeps going and doesn't close up shop thinking no one cares.


  1. I don't get why anyone would do that. And I would unsubscribe and not waste my time with them. With that attitude, I can't see them lasting long after all the whole point of a blog is that it is public and surely they want a reaction.

    1. I know, right? I thought the whole situation was a little weird, then I laughed about it. However, I did take your suggestion and unsubbed. (lol) Thanks for stopping by to visit Trish and hope your Sunday is awesome! Hugs...

  2. Oh Ro that is awful. I don't understand that at all. What a let down to have a blogger treat you like that. Makes no sense at all.

    I've had one blogger have big issues with me and my blog and she kicked me off a photo challenge and deleted my comments (that it was such a great challenge and I was looking forward to doing it via Instagram) because she disagreed with me "morally" which was weird since we're both Christian and whatnot but whatever. Needless to say I unsubbed too. Ah well.

    1. Hey Anna! That sure was the pits, but at least you knew where you stood with her, huh? Just because we're Christians doesn't mean that we're perfect, in fact we are works in progress, so for her to act that way towards you was certainly shady. Her loss, because your blog is obviously very popular! This guy was a pastor and we had previously shared some of the same ideas, so I decided to follow him and comment on his Blog with positive feedback on the topics he brought up, so I just wish he would've manned up and said what was on his mind so I wasn't wasting time commenting. The irony is that there are 2 blogs that we are still a part of mutually, so I just laugh the situation and him off. Hugs...


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