Saturday, January 24, 2015


Years ago when I was in the Air Force, I met this really charismatic guy who was funny and had something to say about everything.

It wasn't until we were almost through with Basic Training that we realized that while he was fun, almost everything he shared was an untruth.

I never imagined that it was possible to meet a person who literally lies about everything. I don't dare reveal my age, but it's taken 30 years to come in contact with another person who can never tell the truth about anything!  I'm not kidding.  At first his stories were entertaining, but eventually, I found myself scratching my head trying to figure him out. When asked if he met any new people (an innocent question), this man will say no, despite having met over 20 people during a marketing event because he was trying to promote his business.  When confronted with tape recorded calls of him sexually speaking to other women by his wife, this guy will say, "It wasn't him".  When asked if he had extra money to spare by his friends, this man will say he has about $10 in a safe at work (Nonexistent), when in reality, his friend found over $1000 hidden in his shoe while babysitting one day.

How many times have we told our parents when we were little that we had no homework, or that we lost our report card?  What made you tell a close friend that you couldn't make it to her party because you were sick, only for her to find out you were out on a date?

Has your dog ever eaten your assignment, or were you really at a funeral when you called out from work?  Did you cheat on your significant other, and when asked about it, denied it emphatically?  Did you really get a 20% increase at work?

Even though you may get yelled at, or judged or perceived differently, isn't it really better to just tell the truth and clear your conscious?

Is it okay to tell an occasional lie or is it worse if you lie all the time?

My mom always told me - a lie is a lie, is a lie and you lose your credibility.

What do you think?

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