Saturday, January 3, 2015


How many times have you purchased a deal on Living Social or Groupon then changed your mind, or realized you wouldn't be able to attend an event, losing the money you put into it? Or perhaps you missed out on a popular deal because it was snapped up quickly. If this has happened to you, no need to worry.
Simply click on to where you can purchase or sell most daily deals or coupons back without the hassle of posting it on Craigslist, Facebook or your local classified ads. Even better, by using this site, you can sell it right now instead of waiting to find a buyer AND it's totally FREE!
For example, you've purchased discount tickets for an event and for whatever reason you can't attend. No one you know can use the tickets, but if you enter your deal on CoupFlip, they'll make you an offer of anywhere from 50% - 90% of what you paid for it.  If you accept their offer, you'll get that money right away.  What's also neat about this site is that you can buy other deals that may be less expensive than what they were originally posted.
Don't forget to check the expiration dates before trying to sell it on the site.
Check out Coupflip today for some amazing deals!

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