Thursday, January 29, 2015


“think about it” Thursday

Does it seem like at least one day a week someone will say something to totally get on our nerves and we just want to scream? Perhaps that promotion went to someone else, the cable was disconnected in error, that loan we expected didn't come through, someone cut in front of us at the grocery store, or someone accused us of something we definitely didn't do.

The first reaction may be to angrily tell that person to get in the back of the line, or to yell at the customer service rep who takes our phone call, or to go on Facebook and put that person who embarrassed us on blast. (lol)  Before doing or saying something in anger, which we can never take back,  take a few moments if you can, to "think about it" and hopefully those yucky feelings may go away.  I've had to do this many times to stay out of trouble. (lol)

On to our Contest of the Day that's open to everyone!

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  1. You are totally right, and I definitely don't think before I speak often enough. I need to work on this. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Hey There Sarah and hope you're having a Fun Friday! I can't tell you how often I have put my foot in my mouth and ended up in trouble. Like you, I'd definitely still working on this and am a work in progress. This giveaway was so easy to enter. Loved it! Let's keep our fingers crossed! Hugs...

  2. Yep! My mom pounded this home to me since I was little the whole 'don't let the sun go down on your wrath' and 'each good-bye may be the last so make those last words count' and 'you can't take it back once its said'. It was further reinforced for my certification to be a family worker. I learned in my training for my job about deep breaths which I use a lot.
    When we are angry, scared, etc, our body responds into fight/flight/protect mode which includes more pumping of the heart and less oxygen to brain so that we're going on adrenalin and instinct which are quicker to address what our body sees as potential danger. The deep breath or two or three gets that oxygen back up there so that higher thinking is restored and we are not relying on instinct. I've taught lots of parenting classes and I teach the 'stop! Take a Deep Breath! Relax! Then respond to your child' and this holds true with any people relations.
    Definitely keeps from me saying and doing more stupid stuff than I already do. ;)

    1. Hey Sophia and Fun Friday to you! Great techniques for sure. Years ago I worked in a Group Home with young teens and goodness knows I had to bite my tongue. Your mom sounds totally fab and wise, and so cool that she passed on those gifts to you. Hugs...


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