Monday, March 30, 2020


Back in the day kids were always asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?"  So are we doing what we said we'd do now that we're adults?
Are you happy doing what you're doing?I started off wanting to be a neurosurgeon, then I realized my hands may be a little too shaky to actually work on people's brains.

Then it changed to being a nurse because I used to bandage up all the kids in the neighborhood who fell and got scrapes.(lol) Yes, I carried around bandaids and iodine. Finally, my ultimate dream was to be an English professor.  Yes, I read tons and tons of romance novels, but I was also obsessed with literature books all through school.  And every day I'd practice teaching in the mirror with different outfits.  Every once in awhile I wonder what my life would have been like had I fulfilled that dream.  But what about you?

Most of us have heard about the insane speeds allowed on the Autobahn, (there is no real posted speed limit) and according to a friend of mine who was stationed there in the army, he sped along the highway at 100 miles per hour or more  without giving it a second thought. 
With speeds like that, and the possible danger involved, it's illegal to run out of gas, and it's also illegal to walk to a gas station to get the gas you need to get moving again.  Either of these acts will cause you to get fined about $77.00. 

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A special shout out to all of those out there on the front line.  We appreciate you so very much!

According to Tufts University researchers drinking a banana smoothie in the morning will make you feel 75% happier and more focused AND you can slim down 55% faster.

Today is the day to develop some cool new ways to prepare peanut butter & jelly.
Let's reach out online to dance, snap your fingers, bob your head, or tap your feet to your favorite tunes and drink some lemonade with friends, bloggers, families and strangers - all from the comfort of your own home of course.  

Me looking at a cheeseburger(lol)

Sunday, March 22, 2020


It's bad enough that many are suffering from illness or the death of  a loved one.  It's sad that many have no income due to loss of jobs because of the fears of flu or COVID-19.  Now we can add ramped up domestic violence to the mix ,which includes women and men being locked in rooms so they are unable to leave their homes, or being beaten with no ability to get to a hospital for help.

Sheltering at home doesn't mean being confined under lock and key to one room.

I'm so angry right now that I'm crying, and like many of you, I feel helpless.  How in the world can these people be protected?  Because people have to be separated due to fears of getting sick, shelters are getting filled quickly, and many have been put up in hotels in an attempt to cope with the problem.  This is making a bad situation even worse.

In times of tragedy, it seems like we should be reaching out to those in need more than ever.  If you haven't seen or heard from family members or friends, now is the time to reach out to make sure they're okay.  Safety is critical, of course, along with common sense, but this may mean getting out of our comfort zones to knock on doors or peek in windows of the people we care about to ensure all is well. Someone's life may depend on it, please.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020


If you're ever in a restaurant and see me coming to your table with a pen and pad - run, because I'm probably going to screw up your order.(lol)Believe me when I say that you don't want me to be your waitress.

Years and years ago when I was very young, I worked for a madcap 3 weeks in a buffet style restaurant, and despite considering myself to be fairly intelligent, I could never remember where to take the food, or something would end up missing from somebody's plate.(lol)  I'm not kidding guys, it was like something from the Twilight Zone and the company was thrilled when I decided to move on.  What about you?  Did you have a job where you weren't at your best?

Were you afraid to take a shower or nervous around birds after watching movies like Psycho or The Birds and enjoyed psychological thrillers like North By Northwest or Vertigo?  I know I was.These intense movies and more were created by Master of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock and March 12 is dedicated to this unique director/producer.  By the way, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart each starred in 4 of his movies over the years.

Can you imagine someone stealing over 23,000 books worth 5 million dollars from 45 states and Canada from various colleges and libraries? The reclusive and anti-social thief  Stephen Blumberg was eventually arrested on March 20, 1990 and sentenced to 5 years in prison for his dastardly deeds.  Ironically on March 20, we now celebrate Bibliomania Day where book fans talk about some of their favorite reads.  

Another real life book thief who actually inspired Blumberg was James Richard Shinn, born James Richard Coffman.  He made a  living selling stolen rare stamps and jewelry before moving on to prized original books that he stole from various libraries. Then he resold these treasures for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  He was sentenced to  2 consecutive 10 year sentences in 1982 but was paroled in 1995 where he lived a quiet life before passing on in 2005.

If you've been walking in forests to get in those steps,  dormant ticks are waking up in March and ready to latch on.  According to the CDC, place your clothes in a hot dryer first for 6 minutes which kills the ticks, then go ahead and throw them in the washing machine.  

Most of us spit out the seeds while eating watermelon, but apparently we've been missing out on the best stuff.  Those seeds have lots of protein, magnesium (good for blood pressure) and plenty of fiber.More  more people are using these instead of pumpkin seeds or peanuts as a snack.  Sprinkle shelled and roasted  seeds over yogurt or in salads to get great health benefits.  Feel free to try some Watermelon Seed Butter Spread too!

I just grabbed this from Walgreen's

Do you remember PEZ Dispensers or do you have any around your home? Some of the older versions can be found from sellers at Etsy or Ebay, and if you have any from pre-1989, they could be worth money.
But Gary Doss, located in California is considered to have the largest collection in the world.  In fact, he and his wife have an actual museum filled with PEZ that's scheduled to reopen later this year.

Jim Blaine in Michigan is another Pez collector who has about 17,000 of these dispensers in a room in his home.  Do you have any in your home?

I started a new business, and here's a couple of pics of the merch.

Also, here's a couple of my planners that I work on to maintain my sanity at home.(lol)
Getting ready for April. Thanks to Adria for this fun Planner!

This is my Budget Planner which keeps me on track, and fits perfectly in my purse. There's a special section to track Expenses & Income which I need and love so much.  Thanks to Elizabeth for this awesome gift!

March Spread

Kindness and Hugging are Universal

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Lately lots and lots of things have been cracking me up, and recently, it's Gwyneth Paltrow.  I'm not a die hard fan, and have seen some of  her movies, but reminded me of why this Oscar, Golden Globe, and EmmAward winner would just be so cool to hang out with for a cup of oolong tea and maybe a salad. I'm not so sure she'd be keen on a cheeseburger, but I could be wrong about that.

If you didn't know, Paltrow created the company Goop in 2008, and Netflix has featured Goop Lab in a recent documentary.  At the end of the day, Darwinfish and I are both wondering if she tested herself or someone else to come up with this candle. (lol) And we both agree that her marketing skills are fabulous!  This sold out for $239.50 on eBay the last time I checked, but you can grab it from Poshmark for $200, or get this sexy citrusy bergamot and rose scent at the bargain price of $75 over at  

I've been pulling out my hair for the past year, but it's finally finished.  To all my friends who told me that 58 I'm way too old to start something new, I'm just gonna "Shake It Off".
Kudos once again to the super talented Lissa at who created such a badass logo.  More updates to come soon.

Uh oh. If you ever see the initials SSSS on your boarding pass, that's not a misprint or typo. Leave all the naughty stuff at home because you're the unlucky winner of  a secondary security screening which includes a full body pat down search, metal detector screening, and your carry on luggage will be opened and searched.
There's a word for people like me, and quite a few other book nerds in the world - abibliophobia. 
We are afraid of running out of reading material, and explains why most of us have huge TBR piles at home.

Don't call margarine butter in Iowa, please.(lol)

It's a $1 fine for blocking the sidewalk with a box in Maryland.  

Robert De Niro, who I adore,  made "you talkin' to me" famous from the movie Taxi Driver in 1976.

Ian McKellen was the only actor nominated for an Oscar for the Lord of the Rings movies.

Have you see the movie Joker with Joaquin Phoenix? Did you think it was too violent? In addition to an Oscar win for best actor this year, the movie has also become the highest grossing R- rated film of all time.

Back in 2017 on Twitter, this guy went all in to prove to his girlfriend that he was home in bed. By the way 201,000 people liked this post.(lol)  Ironically, his Twitter account hasn't been active since then! 

Did you know that 200 years ago people used corn cobs to stay warm? But there are still many instances today where they are still used for home insulation.  

More and more people are using Apps like Tinder, eHarmony, Zoosk, okCupid and more to find love, but there's an art to writing those profiles.  If you have the knack for writing that perfect pitch, you can get paid!  Sign up with E-Cyrano Go here  or with Vida,  or  
Also, if you're a talker and have a flexible schedule, you can get paid to speak with native Chinese speakers who want to practice their English.  Yep, you're getting paid $10 per hour via Paypal just to have a remote conversation with a new friend! Visit  to sign up today.

Even though he was divorced from Demi Moore, Walter Bruce Willis was invited to her wedding to Ashton Kutcher.  He was also the only celebrity invited to Julia Roberts' wedding to photographer Daniel Moder.  By the way, there was talk in 2018 of a prequel called McClane, aka Die Hard 6, but now the planned release is up in the air.

Did you know that 1/4 Cup of Basil Pesto Sauce has 590 mg of sodium versus 210 mg in 1/4 Cup of Tomato Basil Garlic Italian Sauce?
So if you're wanting to lower your salt intake, tomato based is the way to go. AARP

Image result for cute cats hugging people
Can we just keep hugging and snuggling?