Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I always get a kick out of trying new things, so when given this product in exchange for an honest review, I was definitely on board.

NATURAL TEA TREE OIL SHAMPOO from Maple Holistics is cruelty free, paraben -free and gluten free, has therapeutic benefits that improves hair and scalp health, and helps prevent flaking and dandruff.

My hair is very thick and curly, but it tends to be dry, so I wondered if  this would work better than name brand shampoos.

I'm a big scent person, so the first thing I noticed right away was the smell of lavender and rosemary, which I loved.  The instructions tell you to massage a quarter sized amount throughout the scalp, but I promise that a dime sized amount of this shampoo created this luscious lather that made me feel as if I was in a high-end salon.  The experience was so surprising and luxurious that I just wanted to hang out in the shower for a few hours.

I did finally get out and dried my hair.  The best way to describe it would be - moisturizing magic! My scalp didn't feel dry, and the curls were bouncy and soft.  To get that effect normally, I typically add hair lotion, which I didn't have to do.  YAY!

If you'd like to try this for yourself, they have a sale going on here at tea tree shampoo .  But if you'd like to check out other products they have, here are some free samples .   

If you remember, National Cheeseburger Day was Monday, September 18, so some friends dropped off a few burgers for my enjoyment.  One friend that I've known for about 13 years or so, decided to take me out to Cookout to choose what I wanted.  I've been trying to stay away from fast food, but hey, I wasn't going to complain about all that yummy goodness, right?

The woman at the window taking the order was absolutely gorgeous, and her smile was infectious.  So much so, that when the food arrived, my friend tipped her $7.00 on a $12.00 tab.  I watched the shock on her face as she told him that no one had ever given her a tip.  Of course, once he left the window, I had to ask why he tipped her so generously.  Imagine my surprise when he responded, "she was really pretty, and I could tell she needed the money". Huh?

Some people get into blogging for profit, but it's not that easy to make money.  There are some that make thousands of dollars a month, most you've probably never ever heard of.  

But #1 on the list, according to Forbes, is a site that's very familiar to everyone.  They are so popular, that The Huffington Post earns $14 million dollars a month!

Have a relaxing day!

Monday, September 18, 2017


If you've been stalking this blog, you already know that I love anything that has to do with cheeseburgers.  That's the one food I've eaten as a kid that has never changed in my diet.  I can cook them every day, watch them being made on television, or enjoy them at a restaurant.  

To celebrate this day that was made just for me, let's glorify in some cheeseburger love.
Cheeseburger cookies

Cheeseburger Nails

Cheeseburger Apron

Sleeping on a Cheeseburger!

This is a cool cheeseburger cake

More cake!

Cheeseburger  and French Fries

Cheeseburger Hat

Cheeseburger and food pillows

Cheeseburger Pillow

Cheeseburger Salt & Pepper Shakers

Cheeseburger Sneakers
My face if the world didn't have cheeseburgers
Care for some bacon with your cheeseburger?
This is one of my personal cheeseburger recipes for dinner.  You can never have too much pepper. (lol)

Friday, September 15, 2017


Before we get started, I'm way behind on responding to posts because of other projects, and so sorry!  I'll get caught up by next week. 

Also,  I was a little unnerved when the neighbor right beside me had his home broken into the a few days ago.  When things like that occur, everyone starts imagining all these weird scenarios and of course, I was no exception.  I started thinking about every Halloween or Friday the 13th movie I've ever seen when I was a kid.  

Thankfully, he wasn't home, (in fact, he only lives there maybe 2 days a week) but does need to purchase a new television and Firestick.

I love trying new flavors, and thought I'd pass some of these toppings and sauces for hot dogs, sandwiches, potatoes or hamburgers.

Stir together 1/2 Cup Mayo, 2 Tbsp Sriracha, 2 Tbsp Soy Sauce and 1 Tsp Grated Peeled Ginger

Stir together 1/3 Cup Mayo, 1/4 Cup Sauerkraut, 2 Tbsp Relish, 1 Tbsp Ketchup, 1 Tbsp Spicy Brown Mustard, and 1/4 Tsp Garlic Powder.  Serve on a sandwich, hot dog or burger with melted Swiss Cheese

Divide 1 ripe Avocado, lightly mashed, 1/4 Cup Cup crumbled  Cotija or feta cheese and 16 slices pickled jalapeno. (or less of you don't like spicy)

Have you ever had a party at your home and one of the guests went way over the limit? Inappropriate things were said, dishes were destroyed, or the person was too touchy feely with the rest of the guests. I've known some friends who already came to the party tipsy.  Back in the day, he or she may have been simply ignored or laughed at.  Today, experts say the very first thing to do, is to no longer serve alcohol to that person, then somehow get the car keys. Calling a cab or Uber is considered rude and potentially unsafe, so  be generous and offer a space on the couch or in the spare bedroom for the night.  If you don't have the room, please personally take your guest home. 

Are you one of those people who watch Law & Order even though you've already seen every episode?  Do you have favorite characters? I'm raising my hand, because some I've seen at least 3-4 times. (lol)  Originally broadcast in 1990, the show is tied with Gunsmoke  as the longest running primetime drama in history.

If you've been reading this blog, you know that when I was a kid, I played a lot of practical jokes, and sometimes got into trouble.  The other day I reminisced a little and imagined putting these stickers on the bathroom hand dryer in a mall or restaurant to see what people would do. (lol)  They're a steal at $13.00 for a package of 50.

Guy Fieri loves cooking outside that he has an outdoor kitchen complete with a pizza oven outside his home in Santa Rosa, CA, and a 26 foot cooking trailer that he parks in his childhood home in Ferndale, CA.

According to the Guinness World Book of Records, Agatha Christie's Miss Marple stories which include 12 books and 20 short stories make this the thickest book published with 4,032 pages! 

How in the world can anyone justify setting his pregnant girlfriend on fire in Maryland, or for someone to leave a defenseless 1 year old child inside a hot vehicle right outside a school in Missouri? 

The woman gave birth 7 weeks early and they are both in critical condition.  The child is dead.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Have you ever heard the quote, "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me"?

We used it alot back in the day in response to bullies in school or during recess. But that familiar phrase has been around since at least the 1860's.  Thankfully, I'm not sure people even use the term any longer.

We now know that this quote is inaccurate, and may be the reason that many people have  grown up believing that verbal abuse is okay.  
Sometimes when you're on the receiving end of verbal abuse, you may not have a clue what to say to just get it to stop.  So you may find yourself becoming depressed, angry, bitter, fearful or even resigned as you continue to deal with the disrespectful behavior of being lied to, humiliated, cheated on, gaslighted, degraded or personally attacked. There's no doubt that this can be a nightmare to cope with. As difficult as it may be, the key is not to fall into the act of defending yourself, because it will almost never work, particularly if the person you're dealing with is a narcissist.   But an abuser doesn't necessarily have to be a narcissist.

Keep in mind that verbal abuse is considered a part of domestic violence and is about control.  

Some people may assume that a narcissist  just has a really large ego, but there's actually more to consider.  Narcissism is an actual psychiatric condition that's considered a personality disorder. This person has a sense of entitlement, a total lack of empathy for others, and an  unrealistic need for admiration.  In an effort to make sure he or she is consistently portrayed as better than everyone else, they are intolerant of others and will degrade, humiliate, blame or discount them.   They are often clueless that they have hurt someone's feelings, and don't care. Despite the inflated egos and big personalities, they cannot handle any type of criticism and will overreact with unrealistic anger and hostile behavior.  Now we have a verbally abusive situation.

Dr. Irene Matiatos is licensed in New York and North Carolina as a Psychologist who specializes in all forms of abuse. She gives great feedback on what you may be feeling, as well as suggestions on what to say so you can make attempts to get off of the emotionally abusive roller-coaster.  As you look at her example below, I'm sure some of the language will sound very familiar. 

Also, it's important to remember that verbal abuse is not always easy to see. Please know that help is available with your local shelter or someone you trust.

Getting Defensive

Rachael was preparing a special dinner tonight for Larry. Forever trying to please him, she had spent an hour at the market selecting the very freshest produce. She found a wonderful  bottle of Cabernet! Rachael was looking forward to dinner - when she heard a loud thud inside...
Larry smacked his magazine on the floor and bellowed, "Look at this house! It's disgusting! What do you do all day Rachael? Sleep? He pulled a small plastic child's toy from under the seat of His chair. It had been pinching him. "I work all day and I don't need this. You are home all day. You can't keep the house clean, you can't keep the kids quiet! You can't you do anything right! Do you do this to me on purpose?"
Rachael's mood broke. "Please don't do this now," she pleaded under her breath as Larry continued ranting. When he got in this mood, he accused her of all sorts of things she would never dream of doing. "How could he misunderstand me so?" she sadly thought as she began to defend herself - so he would understand
Larry and Rachael's Conversation

STOP! When you defend yourself, you put yourself in the position of justifying your actions to others. You seek understanding, agreement, empathy, recognition of what's really going on, etc. This is OK in an ordinary relationship. It's not OK in an abusive one:

#Since everything you say can and will be held against you

#Since defending yourself puts you in a one-down, where you are asking for approval, congruence, permission, etc.

#Your abuser is looking for a fight; not for understanding

#Since you are taking the "bait" and engaging in a "no-win"

Below find some non-defensive, disengaging responses to typical abusive comments. The abuser's objective is not to impart understanding. Your partner wants to provoke you. Your objective is to remain calm, disengage and avert provocation!  Engaging is a no-win!
"There's nothing to talk about."  OK. 
(Think: My partner is withholding; nothing I can do about it. So be it.)

"I've had it; I'm leaving!"  OK.
 (Think: Here is the door. I don't want you here if you don't want to be here.)

"Why should I tell you? You won't listen anyway." OK. 
(Think: Let him/her think whatever they want; they will anyway.)
"You're wrong!" OK. "What do you mean OK?" I mean OK.
 (Think: Who cares who is right or wrong!)

"I never said that." OK
 (Think: No point engaging. We both know the truth.)

"You're too sensitive." Yes. Respect my sensitivity.
 (Think: It's OK to be sensitive!)

Friday, September 8, 2017


Sometimes you want to look at 
pictures of cute cats and chocolate cake - just because.

Don't forget that today is International Literacy Day, which was originally celebrated in September 1965.  

Surprisingly, according to the CIA World Fact Book,  86.2 % of the world can read and write, which  means that approximately 758 million people are illiterate, and includes about 32 million Americans.

 As of 2015, the adult literacy rate in the Democratic Republic of Korea and Uzbekistan  is 100%.  Niger, a country in West Africa, has the #1 illiteracy rate at 80.9%, and 89% of the women in that country are unable to read or write.

Using different criteria, Central Connecticut State University conducted a long detailed study that was published in 2016. They say that Finland is #1 when it comes to literacy, with the US being #7.

There is one thing that stands out and is consistent in both studies, however.

Women are more illiterate than men across the board in both reports.

These numbers are staggering and much too large.  Millions of people don't understand how to pass a test for a driver's license, how to fill in an application for jobs, or even to read the ingredients on the back of a can.  How can this be happening?