Friday, May 29, 2020

MATEO'S LAW by Sandra Cox

Even if you've never read any of Super Sandra Cox's books,(you're missing a treat) you'd fall in love with her wicked wit and kind-hearted spirit, and she's kept me laughing since 2017.  Most people write one genre, but this incredible author has the skill set to write in many genres which is not easy.  How she finds time to travel, write, garden, live life, maintain a blog and visit other bloggers is a mystery, but this is the reason I've added "Super" to her name.

This time she's writing a very cool new paranormal novel that's so unique called Mateo's Law, and there's some shapeshifting going on guys. And with those amber colored eyes, I could fall madly in love with Mateo too!

So the question of the day is - if you could, what animal would you want to shift into?  I'd definitely want to be a lion living in a not too heavily populated area of Switzerland or Alaska surrounded by lots of trees, snow, books and wi-fi.  What about you?

Enjoy Sandra' excerpt below, and there are also links to purchase her book.  Don't forget to to stop by to say hello over at her blog too.  All links are listed below.

Book Release



A modern day, shape-shifting sheriff.

He’s the sheriff of a sparsely populated county in Montana. His blood brother and childhood best friend is Chief of Police on the Blackfoot Reservation, but they no longer speak. His deputy is a Southern transplant with the body of a high-priced call girl, a voice of honey and a mouth of a trucker. And if that’s not enough, he’s got a secret that would stun those that know him best. Other than that, it’s business as usual for Sheriff Mateo Grey.


Mateo took a step past her, alert, dangerous.

Blair put a hand on his arm. Warmth surged through her fingers.  Motionless, his nostrils flared. She withdrew her hand.

One heartbeat. Two. The dark closed in around her.

Then the tension in him vanished as quickly as it came.

“Whatever, whoever is gone.”

“How do you know?” But she knew what his response would be. The same one it always was. 

“Gut feeling.” He shrugged.

A gut feeling that caused his nostrils to flare and draw in a heavy inhale as if he sniffed the air. She shrugged it off. She was too much a realist to give credence to ‘gut feelings’ but she was also savvy enough not to argue about the sheriff’s. Instead, got down to the matter at hand.  “Don’t worry about it. Something’s come up.”

He cast one long, last look into the deep, dark of the woods then turned his sharp gaze back to her. “What?” He raked fingers through thick black hair, sprinkled with silver. Moonlight outlined damn fine pecs and a lean torso. 

“We need to get to the rez.” 

“Not our jurisdiction.” He started toward the house.

“The chief of police specifically requested you.” She fell in step beside him. Demanded more like, but she wisely kept that to herself.

“Kipp? Jesse Kipp?” His eyebrows rose.

Blair strove for patience, not her strong suit, and just managed not to roll her eyes. There was only one on the rez. “Yup.”


They crossed the porch and he swung through the door.

She stepped in behind him and looked around. A small entryway led into a sparsely furnished, spacious living room with a large west window that always drew her. Pine and oak beckoned. And when the sun went down, it turned the whole landscape into a crimson and purple pallet of glory. But tonight, the view she loved made her feel vulnerable as the sky blackened and the branches reached out twisty, skeletal fingers. Impatient with herself, she pulled her mind back to the reason for being here.

“There’s a little three-year-old girl that’s lost. The weather is supposed to drop. Jesse needs all the help he can get.”

He straightened. His strange amber-colored eyes flared. He gave an abrupt nod. “Give me two minutes.”


Sandra is a vegetarian, animal lover and avid gardener. She lives with her husband, their dog and cats in sunny North Carolina.

Her stories consist of all things western…and more. She is a category bestselling Amazon author, Eppie finalist and Golden Ankh Award winner.

You can find her at: .

Her twitter handle: Sandra_Cox

Her Amazon Page:

Order Link:

Her latest western novel TumbleStar is a wonderful romance story.  Feel free to grab the book today here:


There's nothing even remotely Italian about pepperoni, so even if you get super hungry, please don't ask for a pepperoni Pizza in Italy - unless you want red bell peppers scattered on the top instead.

Sunday, May 17, 2020


So I noticed that I had 4 brand new never been opened 500 and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles  sitting around, so I decided to put them on eBay, and bingo - they were all gone before I knew it!  I'm sure this happened because more people were sitting at home and looking for things to do. By the way, if you want to keep your noodle on point, try working on puzzles online for FREE at My favorite is scramble words, but there are several types to choose from.  Be prepared - it can be quite addictive.

If you want to play some cool board games instead, Taboo will really have you screaming with laughter as you try to figure what NOT to say to win the game.

Other than working on a few projects, I still have time to watch Netflix.  If you want some suggestions, check out Miracle in Cell #7, Unorthodox, Extraction, The Willoughbys, Trolls World Tour and Never Have I Ever.  You'll be laughing, blubbering, clapping and dancing before it's all over.  If you want to try Netflix FREE for 30 days, visit .    You'll need to provide a credit card# but they'll remind you BEFORE the expiration so you have time to cancel.

Speaking of Netflix, I am SO guilty of doing all of these. (lol) According to a survey from The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, we're doing everything else except sleeping.

Those between the ages of 18 - 44  are part of the 95% of people who are staying up late to binge watch something on television, and those older than that make up 88%. 

 When it comes to finishing a book, 71% of American women are burning the midnight oil and 75% of men will stay up at night to watch a sports event.

New Jersey is considered the diner capital of the world and has about 525 of them in the state.  It also has the most shopping malls within a 25 mile area.

Speaking of food, you may be surprised to know that North Carolina has lots and lots of sweet potatoes.  So many in fact that they produce more of them than the other 49 states across America combined!

Something about Iowa is very popular to pigs because as of 2019 there were almost 24 million of them living there.  As the largest pork producer in the US, there are only a little over 3 million people who live in the state, much less than the little piggies running around!

Did you know that in the state of Alaska there are over 3 million lakes?!  
Iliamna Lake is the largest lake there and the third largest in the United States. 

Also, no matter where you live in Alaska, be prepared for some sort of bear sighting. A little over 100,000 black bears live there along with 30,000 grizzlies.  They may look cute and cuddly but grizzly bears are very dangerous and more likely to attack versus black bears who can often just be scared away with loud noises, yelling or banging on objects loudly.  Whatever you do, and as much as you may be tempted - don't run!  In fact, grizzlies are so dangerous that they have been known to even attack black bears.  YIKES!

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I've known Mary over at since 2014, and she's always a hoot.  Her blog talks about scoring freebies, she reviews novels, shares recipes and lots more.  She also does a great job of visiting lots of other bloggers when she can. We interact via social media platforms, and also offline.  So it pains me to share the news that her husband has been diagnosed with malignant brain cancer and lung cancer and will be starting chemo soon.  I've been crying about this for quite some time because this is just devastating, and I feel helpless.

They don't have much money, but are desperately in need of a vehicle or cash for transportation to many of his appointments, or for anything not covered by insurance.  If you're able to help, please visit .   For those not on Facebook who would like to donate, you may do so via Paypal- as well as on her CashApp- $scarymary66.