Wednesday, December 31, 2014

FREE Coffee Today AND Tomorrow

Free Coffee at Sheetz on New Year’s Eve/Day

Sheetz Convenience Stores will celebrate the New Year by offering coffee lovers a FREE cup of freshly brewed Sheetz coffee. This special offer is available at participating locations starting at 4pm today,  New Year’s Eve and will continue through until 4pm on New Year’s Day.
 Click here to find a location that's near where you are.
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IN THE KNOW WITH RO: Pink Pussycat Cocktail

IN THE KNOW WITH RO: Pink Pussycat Cocktail: PINK PUSSYCAT If you're a gin drinker and want to impress guests with something unique, give this a try. 4 Tsp Gin 4 1/2 Tbsp Pine...

Pink Pussycat Cocktail


If you're a gin drinker and want to impress guests with something unique, give this a try.

4 Tsp Gin
4 1/2 Tbsp Pineapple Juice

3 Tbsp Grapefruit Juice
2 Tsp Grenadine

Shake all of the ingredients well with ice, then strain into a tall glass or cocktail glass.  Garnish with a segment of grapefruit or place a maraschino cherry on a toothpick for your final presentation.


The honey and lemon mixed together give this drink a comforting note, and the color is beautiful.

6 Tsp Gin
1 Tsp Honey
1 Tsp Lemon Juice

Shake the listed ingredients well with ice to really integrate the honey, then strain into a cocktail glass of your choice.  Garnish the rim with a slice of lemon or cut a piece of the rind and curl for a decorative feel.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

GOOGLE'S Kindness To A Little Girl in 2014

Though this happened back in June, the story is a great way to end 2014, and a reminder that kindness does make a difference.  Click on the letter to see the full story from

A Little Girl Wrote To Google To Help Her Dad. What They Wrote Back Is Simply Beautiful

The working life is tough—it's hard to stay on the grind and spend so much time away from the people you love! So when big companies like Google do...

Monday, December 29, 2014

IN THE KNOW WITH RO: Would You Do This To Get a Job? - INTERESTING CRAI...

IN THE KNOW WITH RO: Would You Do This To Get a Job? - INTERESTING CRAI...: Craigslist was actually created in 1995 a listing in California to help people find things to do.  Not only has it become a global marketpl...


Craigslist was actually created in 1995 a listing in California to help people find things to do.  Not only has it become a global marketplace, but it now exists in all 50 states, as well as in over 60 countries! It's so popular, that ads literally change every few minutes.  If you're job hunting, seeking an apartment or looking to buy/sell merchandise without any extra fees, this is the way to go. There can be a high volume of scam however,  so be careful when transacting business.  Living in North Carolina, I've come across some really "interesting and funny ads", and a few are listed below.  I'm sure if you have free time or are really bored, you can pick any state to see what people are up to on this site. (lol)

Housekeeper & Personal Assistant Needed (Cary)

compensation: Negotiable, Weekly
Very active, athletic young (28) professional looking for a part-time housekeeper and personal assistant, for various miscellaneous work -- basically to make my life a little simpler and more relaxed!

Jobs include: some light cleaning/organizing, running small errands from time to time, if you cook that would be even more amazing but not required.

A definite plus for good-looking candidates with a more submissive attitude, never hurts to be easy on the eyes haha.

Also helps to be in Cary or at least not far from the area. Thanks!


© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap
compensation: $14,000 cash!$
4 Major web sites with a combined value worth $175,000,000,000 is looking to hand out cash to women who have the world's biggest breasts.

what size are they refering to?

K cups or LARGER!

they will pay $14,000 CASH!

white black green or yellow we don't care about race or age (as long as your 18 or older) 


© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap
compensation: $13,000
Our firm makes 7 Million dollars a year, we want to share that wealth with you

can YOU use an extra $13,000?

why not right?

we need white women ages 18 to 45 that weigh between 370, and 450 pounds.

Their body shape needs to be BOTTOM HEAVY PEAR SHAPED

66 to 90" hips!!!!!


© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap
compensation: $475 for an hour and half of modeling
firm based out of Switzerland the 3rd richest country on earth is looking for North Carolina women with TREMENDOUS breasts!!!!!!!!!!!!

we ain't talkin no D or even triple DDD cups

No Sir!

we need women ages 18 to 80 with H cups or MUCH LARGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

simple easy topless modeling on a professional closed set, safe and fun!

e mail us and we shall show you samples.

we pay top dollar!

our firm is loaded with money!!!$$$

we pay you $475 for an hour and half of modeling top that!!!

Older women for adult videos needed (raleigh nc)

compensation: $Open
Looking for Older women for Adult Videos. You will be paid for this. Race and Size is not an issue. I can fill you with more info when replied. For serious inquiries only please.

Nude massage now! Cash! (RTP)

© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap
compensation: Good
I need a real adult massage from a female - preferably 18-25. Cash now tonight! reply with photo and a number to text you at!

Cute Assistant/Housekeeper (Raleigh)

compensation: $20/hour
I'm looking for a pretty housekeeper/assistant who can help me with household chores. I'm looking someone trustworthy and friendly. I live in Raleigh. It would help if you're local. The pay is $20 an hour. Please email with a picture and a brief post on your experience and availability. Thanks. Talk soon!

Female maid (Morrisville)

compensation: we can discuss
I have seen several ads for sexy maids and was wondering if there are any females who do this. I am a happily married man, but wouldn't be against to getting the home cleaned while I enjoyed the view. If interested please email me.

Cosigner Needed for Auto Loan (Raleigh)

compensation: $500
I'm in need of a cosigner that has a nice credit score so that I can buy a used car. I would like to take out a $3,000 loan and I'll make the loan $3,500 to award you for your service. I don't have any credit established because of my age. I have a job that enables me to pay every month, and I am expecting a lot of money this August that can definitely pay off the rest of the loan.
This is an easy way to make $500! If you're able to help, please text, email, or call me so we can chat and work something out.

Thank you!

Do you Want To Earn Money By Easy Way...? (Wilson)

compensation: $3500 per month.
It is domestic job.
Without Investment.
Without Experience.
No Boss on you.