EXPRESSIONS By Mail & Gift Bags

We still recognize the art of mailing cards to offer condolences, birthday wishes, or a simple thank you to friends, family or business associates.
Artwork by Lissa:

Our specialty is to provide the card, postage and perfect thoughtful message just when you need it.  All we need is the name and address of your recipient, and we'll do the rest.

No project is too large or small, and we take pride in our work.  If you'd like to send just one sympathy card, that's great.  If you need us to mail 100 cards to thank your wedding guests for gifts, we're fine with that too.  Or, if you prefer, we can send the card directly to you to personalize as you wish.

RATES  - Include Card, Message and Mailing
1 Card - $2.00 
5 Cards - $4.00 
15 Cards - $20
20 Cards - $30
50 Cards - $40
100 Cards - $75

Let us help you to keep it personal and to stay in touch.  Cards offer that special touch that emails and texts don't. Below are just a few of the cards we have available, but there are hundreds to choose from for just about any reason.
Thank You for Baby Shower
Hand Made Card

Easter Handmade Card
Funny Thinking of You Card

Thank You for Bridal Shower Gifts
Happy Nurses Day

Nurse's Day

Thank You to a Veteran

As a bonus, we also sell high quality gift bags for just $1 to $2 each, or purchase them in a set.

Harry Potter
Gift Wrap


  1. Hi my name os Jamie I work eith Justice he was telling me about you doing surveys. I was wandering if you could call me and get more info about that? Thanks have a blessed day.

    1. Hi there Jamie, and hope all is well! For some reason you're showing up as UNKNOWN on my messages, so it took some time for me to see. I'd love to tell you more information if you could provide your email address or phone number, please. Thanks so very much for reaching out! Hugs, RO

  2. Ro, this is awesome. Good luck with this new endeavor.

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