Wednesday, July 7, 2021


Have you ever given yourself another name as a kid to discourage an unwanted admirer?  

When I was young, my girlfriends and me were often yelled at by guys in cars or walking down the street, asking us "What's Your Name?"  My fake name was Rosalind.(lol) I have no idea how I chose it, but it was close enough to my own name to work.  We were also known for giving out nonexistent phone numbers too. 

Of course this caused problems because we'd usually run into some of these same guys later on, and we'd get busted!(lol)

I finally met a "real" Rosalyn years later when I lived in Virginia Beach, as she fell down some stairs while leaving a doctor's office (another story), and we ended up being good friends.  Speaking of always being honest...

Today, July 7 is National Tell the Truth Day.  Psychologists say that those we love can handle the truth, and I think it's best too.  My thoughts are if you've been dishonest all your life, one day of telling the truth is never gonna happen.  Nonetheless, if you've been wanting to share some news, or confess, today's the day!

I still mail cards and letters for birthdays, holidays and 'just because'. Did you know that in 1971 it cost just 8 cents to mail a standard letter?  In August 2021, the price will increase from 55 cents to 58 cents.  

This is mine!   You've probably heard of people claiming they found lost money and wondered it was true, and I'm here to tell you that it's very real. I put in my name and was shocked that 162.00 was calling my name from Texas.  All you have to do is put in your name, and if there's money, the info will pop right up.  Visit to check.  Also, there's so many class action suits going on right now due to misleading ads or more.

So if you think you've been bamboozled, check out  You'll be amazed at the things you find and include lots of things you use every day like Cranberry Juice, Juul Cigarettes, Baby Powder,  Cell Phone or Banking Fees, etc. (That recent check above for $16 is mine, along with a card from Sophia from ) 

June 2021 was officially Pride Month, but if you want to celebrate year round, head to Eureka, Arkansas.  Eureka's population is about 2000, and 30% identify as LGBTQ+ .  They also have Diversity weekends 3 times a year, and everyone joins in for the celebration.  There's also lots of walking trails, haunted hotels, great places to eat and lots more.  Road Trip!

Hopefully you stay hydrated when it's hot outside, but it's sure a lot more fun to grab a slushy drink to quench your thirst. We may call frozen drinks a Slurpee, but that name is exclusive to 7-Eleven's brand, and they're all the rage when it's a steamy day. But you may be surprised that the Slurpee Capital of the World, and has been for 20+ years, is Winnipeg Canada.  Even during -4 degree winter weather, they're in hot demand, and there's even a street called  Slurpee Way in downtown Winnipeg to commemorate these frosty frozen treats. Brain freeze anyone?!(lol)

So last week, someone saw a zebra cobra snake hanging out on a porch in a Raleigh neighborhood, who had escaped from 21 year old Christopher Gifford's home, and everyone was definitely in a panic.  He was safely caught 2 days later, but the fact that this snake that's native to Africa actually spits venom had everyone on edge.  It's legal for venomous snakes to be kept in North Carolina (?), and  Chris doesn't mind bragging about his collection via all his social media accounts. (@the_giff) on Tik Tok and ) Yikes! 

By the way, there's about 30 venomous snakes in the world and include the Coral Snake, Tiger Snake, Rattle Snake, Krait Snake and the Taipan Snake.                          

So if you've been following this blog you may know that my birthday is coming up on August 12, and I've been asking for a ticket to Switzerland so I can scratch this off my  massive bucket list.  Since I'm turning 60, I'm hoping someone will finally feel sorry for me and send that ticket! (lol) I remember when I was 17 and used to think 30 year old people were so old. (lol)  But I can still dance my blogger buds.(lol)

Since the pandemic I've had lots of time to reflect over life, and mad props and thanks to Author Extraordinaire Sandra Cox has been diligently taking the time to check on me since I've been MIA from the blog.  You've all been very much missed! 

Even though I wasn't blogging, I tried to pop by to  visit other blogs when I could, but with so many things going on, some days were rough, but somehow Super Sleuth Sandra seemed to pick up on that. 

Also gotta give a HUGE thanks to Sophia from who 'just because' sent me stickers for my planner that really made my day, along with a handwritten card.  

If you haven't talked to a friend or family member in awhile, give 'em a call to say hello and make sure all is well.  I promise that gesture can make a difference in someone's life.  

If you enjoy sitting back with some popcorn, cheeseburger and lemonade and watching something good on television.  These are great.

The Wrath of Man - I've seen this 5 times (no joke, and my son thinks I'm obsessed with Jason Statham. Yes I am(lol)

Cruella - Watched this one twice because it was so good.

The Mysterious Benedict Society - a really good series about 4 gifted children who are on a mission to save the world.  Fun!

Fatherhood - on Netflix, and a true story about a husband who takes care of his daughter when his wife dies shortly after she was born. Funny, but you'll need some tissues too.

Workin' Moms - Binge on Netflix, because I promise even if you're not a mom you'll laugh out loud during all 5 seasons!

Bridgerton - yes, I'm still talking about this fabulous and innovative program on Netflix that the world is raving about.  Romance, witty conversations, humor, mystery, diversity.  It's all here, and yes it's been renewed for seasons 2, 3 and 4!

Somebody Feed Phil - You'll love this guy, and can find him on Netflix  He travels around the world eating at all these wonderful places, and meets cool people to hang out with while we learn new cultures.  

Who knows what Academy Award winning movie from 1939 said this at the very end? 

                                       "After all, tomorrow is another day"