Wednesday, July 15, 2020


I say this all the time!(lol)
A few days ago, my granddaughter turned 10, and one of her gifts was a HUGE makeup kit from this well known and popular influencer on Youtube called James Charles.  
Despite loving this palette, the truth is that I'm iffy about young people wearing eyeshadow and lipstick. All I could hear was my mom drilling in my head that I couldn't wear ANY type of makeup until I was at least 17, and you already know that no one wanted to hear about the old days of when I was a kid.(lol)  So I'm officially old fashioned.  Am I being unreasonable?  Is it now okay for kids to put on mascara and more these days? What say you blogger buds?

Did you know that Betty Crocker isn't even real?  She was a creation of the Washburn-Crosby Company in Minnesota, later purchased by what we now know as General Mills. 
Over the years people created portraits of her that seemed motherly, yet also changed with the times. Even though she was made up, in 1945 Betty Crocker was 2nd most popular person in the country.  Who was number 1? Eleanor Roosevelt.
When we think of Georgia, peaches come to mind, but you may be surprised to know that the state is also the number 2 producer of...kale! Some people even mix these two together in a salad or a smoothie. The state that produces the most of the healthy veggie is California.

We've seen lots of famous people riding around in luxury jets, and they pay big money to do so.  But for those who own them and don't pay the bills, there's actually an airplane repossession person hired by the bank who will politely snatch it up.  Right now, the person who's considered a legend and always gets his plane is 78 year old Ken Hill.  He actually gets paid twice! There's a fee to get it back from the defaulter, and another fee once the the plane has been resold.
Speaking of planes, for years I've always wanted to travel to Alabama to see what they have in this store, and finally, it's online.

Cowboy Hat for Sale
You can still visit in person, but just in case you let your fingers do the walking, please check out  This store sells all the stuff that people lost or forgot about on airplanes, and you'd be amazed at what's there! Clothing, jewelry, toys, electronics, and more.

It's just between us, but have you noticed that your clothing is getting a little too tight these days?  Well, there's a way to get motivated to lose weight, meet people AND get paid with

Despite loving cold weather, I have no intention of ever living in the arctic area of Canada, but that won't stop me from watching 10 survival specialists as they try to win a million dollars.  All they have to do is live ALONE in the cold for 100 days.  The contestants are allowed to bring items from a specialized list  provided by the show, and you'd be surprised of some of the things they chose.  There are 3 things on the prohibited list that would have immediately disqualified me - cheeseburgers, a lighter/matches, books and wi-fi.(lol)  What have you been watching these days?

Do you remember one of my last posts when I talked about puzzles?  Well finished the work on this 32 inch high Escher puzzle in a just a few days.  Isn't this pretty amazing?

Are you vegan, or thinking about making the switch?  Their make-up, snacks and beauty boxes are available with flexible subscriptions that have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are 100% vegan and cruelty free.  Visit to find out more information.

When my son was a kid, he had a HUGE crush on this model/singer/entrepreneur, and now she's the new host of Dancing with the Stars which will be back later this year. That original signed picture he received back in the day might be worth money one day.(lol) Congratulations to Tyra Banks!
Did you know there are over 3000 FREE college courses you can take  online from schools like Harvard and MIT at  In most instances all you have to do is pay for the certificate which ranges from $49 to $125.  Wow!  

                                      Which one are you?