Thursday, May 30, 2019


I said I wasn't going to do it, but yes, once again I subjected myself to the joys of hosting a yard sale.  The weather was perfect, and lots of people showed up.  But then...

Enter young lady with two kids, who zeroed in on the artificial nails for sale for just $1.00 each. 
These are some of the actual nails with glue

Imagine my surprise as I sat in my chair and saw her start to stuff a pack in her purse. Tapping my friend on the shoulder.  I hopped out of that chair so fast, of course getting in some extra steps, (lol) and asked if she planned to pay for that.  She frowned, called me a whore, took it out, then threw it back on the table.  She had kids, so had she asked, I would have given her a pack for each of the little girls with no hesitation. And the drama continued throughout the day.  I'm really serious this time, y'all.  No more yard sales.(lol)

 Murder for Hire on the Oxygen Channel gives all the reasons NOT to try to have your significant other killed.  It truly amazes me what people will try to do for money. 

1.  You're gonna get caught in a sting operation that ends up on this show!
2.  If your would be assassin agrees to take $50 as a layaway to do the dirty deed, something's up.
3.  If you start to notice you're doing all the talking, you're in trouble, so get out of the car asap.  You're being set up!
4.  The person you tried to kill will still be walking around with someone new AND the money you tried to get while you're in a prison cell with no cable, healthy food or friends.
5.  The police will tell you the news that your significant other is dead, then watch you fake cry before leaving, only to come back a few hours later with the handcuffs.
6.  Basically watch this show which is oddly addictive, and DON'T do any of the things you see.(lol)

Construction on the Golden Gate Bridge began in January 1933, and was completed and ready for customers in 1937, despite a huge earthquake in 1935 and other setbacks. That bright color is considered International Orange and very visible in foggy conditions.  But if the US Navy would have had its choice, the color of the bridge would have been black with yellow stripes.  By the way, you can find International Orange in certain paint stores and online.

According to researchers at W. Virginia University, drinking 3 mugs of tea a day helps muscles to grow by 14% in 6 weeks.

I'll squeeze my lemons for FREE and by hand thanks,(lol) but if you want to go retro glam and fancy with a citrus juicer, SMEG has one for the bargain price of $650 at Williams Sonoma!

Many people have pennies in banks or lying around the house, but did you know that collectors say that wheat pennies from 1909 - 1958 could be valuable?  If you have the patience and time, grab yours and pick through to find a possible treasure.  If you see an "s" under the date of the penny, it was actually made in San Francisco, nd worth more.  Notice how I tied the Golden Gate Bridge and Pennies together?(lol)

Can you imagine cooking 125 tons of potatoes to make crinkle cut French Fries?  If you love fries, you too can become a frequent fryer at the Original Pier French Fries at Old Orchard Beach in Maine. Get 'em with vinegar and ketchup, hot nacho cheese or other condiments you enjoy. Yum.

"If you plagiarize, I will come for you," Roberts told The Associated Press during a recent telephone interview. "If you take my work, you will pay for it and I will do my best to see you don't write again."  Don't mess around with Nora Roberts!  

While visiting Lark shared an article from the US News  on how Roberts is suing a romance novelist she believes has plagiarized her work.  She alleges Christine Serruya used lines or passages from 6 of her novels.  The word on the street is that this author has allegedly lifted works from many other authors too. 
By the way, if you've never heard of the great Nora Roberts, she happens to be the 5th richest author in the world, with a net worth of $390 million according to  Can you guess who's ahead of her at #2 with a net worth of $1 Billion?  JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame of course.

Need to rent a car for your vacation?  Be sure to visit to get better deals.

According to the TSA, it's absolutely fine to carry unopened liquor with an alcohol content up to 70% in your luggage, but trying to bring higher than that percentage like 151 Proof Bacardi or the Spirytus Rektyfikowany 192 proof vodka I talked about in a recent April post would be totally verboten in both your carry on and checked bags.

Also, just in case you've been  thinking about bringing along that trusty ax or hatchet for your trip, please don't place them in your carry on baggage. But it sure can be placed in your checked luggage.



  •  4 cups pineapple juice — chilled
  •  1/2 cup white rum — or coconut rum
  •  1 bottle — 750mL Prosecco, chilled
  •  Frozen pineapple — about 2 cups

    1. Pour pineapple juice, rum, and prosecco into a pitcher. Add frozen pineapple to keep it chilled. Serve the same day it’s made.
    2. Non-Alcoholic Version: skip the rum and prosecco. Use lemon-lime soda (regular or diet) or club soda instead.
In Columbus Georgia, it's illegal to wear a hat in the movie theater, and so is cussing over the telephone.

In Atlanta Georgia, it is illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone or a lamp post.

In Athens-Clark County in Georgia  it is illegal to whistle on Mondays very loud after 11pm.

A friend of mine was seeing her husband off to work a little while ago, and noticed a phone in his pocket.  Her Spidey senses tingled because his regular phone was on his hip like always.  When she asked what was in his pocket, he foolishly responded that it was a pack of cigarettes, which made no sense because he had been smoking one of those vapor things for the past 3 months.  

Of course, you and I already know this was not headed in a good direction for *Lacey(not her real name), but just for grins and giggles, I tested it for myself at home by getting some cigarettes from a friend because I don't smoke, and used my phones as examples, then sent her this picture.

This is the 4th instance I've heard this year of people having secret phones, and I just don't get it.  Needless to say, my friend is devastated, and I can't help feeling that doing something like this just seems so cruel and heartless.  A cell phone in no way is shaped like a pack of cigarettes, and to expect someone to believe that is nothing more than pure gaslighting and nonsense. Clearly he's a cheater.

Being gaslighted is considered abusive behavior designed to make a person doubt his or her own sanity.  This is all part of domestic violence, so if this happening to you, please seek help from someone you trust, or contact the domestic violence shelter who has specialists available 24 hours a day.