Sunday, August 1, 2021


When working in retail years ago, I used to get super embarrassed when people brought condoms to the register to purchase.  But you know what doesn't cause me to turn red? Telling guys when their zippers are open.  So yesterday this man was moving carts around outside in the Walmart parking lot, so I figured he'd want to know that his fly was open, right?  I promise this has never happened to me ever, but that guy looked me right in the eye and told me, "I know". So what in the world do you say to that, blogger buds?(lol)

Did you know that wiping down your wiper blades rubber with alcohol once a month will preserve them, and make them work better?  After you do this, clean your windshield with glass cleaner too.

If you're a streamer, one of the shows that will keep you glued to the screen is Joshua Jackson's portrayal of Dr. Death.  It will make you seriously think about whether you want to risk having surgery for back pain.  What's worse is that this is a frightening true story of a narcissistic neurosurgeon who literally butchered 38 of his patients without any regard for their lives or well being, and how difficult it was to stop him.  You'll keep asking yourselves how something so scary could have ever happened. Where is Dr. Duntsch  now? In prison for the rest of his life, where he'll be up for parole when he's 74 in 2045.

I bet you have tons of change in your purse, piggy bank or junk drawer.  But did you know that your coins could be worth a ton of cash?  For example, keep your eye out for 1943 pennies.  Because of the war, these pennies were made from steel to conserve copper.  But a few were made from copper by mistake.  So if your penny won't stick to a magnet, yay, you've got a copper money maker!  Find out more about coins and what they could be worth by visiting and typing error in the search box, or check out usacoinbook-com.

August 4 gives us the perfect excuse to eat some chocolate chip cookies.


Can you sit still for long periods of time to read your favorite novels? According to the recent World Guinness Book of Records, the world's thickest book is Agatha Christie's collection of Miss Marple stories.  With over 4,000 pages, it's more than a foot thick and weighs close to 18 pounds!  We could use that for a workout, right?

If someone tells us that they're feeling anxious, or suicidal, bullied or abused, we should pay attention, and not sweep it under the carpet.  This is our chance to possibly make a difference in someone's life.

My buddy Elizabeth over at often posts her calendar of what happened the month before, so we can be nosy (lol) and thought I'd add a few pics of some random stuff.

Who remembers Nancy Drew?

Yes, I eat cherries and love them!

Chosen as an Ambassador for the 3rd year in a row!

Another thriller from Don Bentley

One of my fave authors

Just in case you forgot how much I love cheeseburgers(lol)