Sunday, December 1, 2013


To save money and time, why not send free e-cards for Christmas this year? and .  If you still enjoy mailing Christmas cards to friends and families, go to www. and the website actually gets the addresses of all your contacts.  Wow!

Tired of carrying around paper coupons for your savings? Try using the aps: Retailmenot, Coupon Sherpa, or

Alice Cooper, Dan Aykroyd, Spike Lee, Kevin Bacon, Jeff Bridges,  Martin Sheen, Billy Crystal, Rev. T.D. Jakes, Jerry Stiller, Andy Garcia, and Danny DeVito all have this in common.  If you guessed they are happily married to their first and only wives, you'd be correct.

Schwinn Sting Ray bikes - you remember the ones with the cool banana seats - may be worth as much as $1000 in good condition.

Your body burns the same amount of fat whether it's empty or full, but it's better to eat before exercising.

Yep, it's still true.  Drinking green tea 30 minutes before eating causes you to keep your metabolism revved up even you're inactive and you'll lose twice as much weight as those who don't.

Did you know that shopping on Thanksgiving is now called Brown Thursday? (lol)

Best channels to watch holiday family programming?  ABCFamily, UP Channel, Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel. Some are repeats from as far back as 2000, but a lot of the movies are new and really fun.  Every year I still watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Angel in the House,and  A Diva's Christmas Carol which drives my husband bonkers.(lol)  The new ones I enjoy are Let It Snow and Dear Secret Santa.

Try Egg Nog Ice Cream and mix with Egg Nog.  Try Vanilla Ice Cream and mix with Egg Nog.  Both give different flavors you're sure to enjoy.

Thanks to Melissa Fiorenza and Corinne Iozzio for their tips.

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