Friday, March 21, 2014


Do any of these statements sound familiar during the normal course of your day?

You're Stupid
You're just trying to pick a fight
You're making that up and don't know what you're talking about
You're Crazy
No one will believe you over me
You're fat and lazy
It's too complicated for you to understand
I was just joking. Can't you even take a joke?
You blow every thing out of proportion
I hate being married to you
You're an ugly cow and no one else will even look at you when I'm gone
It's all your fault I spilled this milk on the floor
What do you need money for anyway?
So what if I yell and call you a bitch! I'm not hitting you am I?

There is no doubt about it.  Verbal Abuse constitutes psychological violence that is hurtful and degrading.

The Overt Abuser blames or accuses the partner, while Covert Abuse is used under the guise of hidden aggression designed to confuse, control and intimidate.  Ultimately, it wears you down mentally and physically diminishing your self esteem, and making you wonder what you're doing wrong.

You are NOT to blame and YOU deserve to be truly loved, no matter what.

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