Wednesday, August 6, 2014


In addition to being National Root Beer Float Day, did you know you can also celebrate National Fresh Breath today?  Wow!

I had no clue you can have a Particularly Preposterous Packing Day on August 7, as well as hanging out with all of the Professional Speakers on their exclusive day.

On August 8, feel free to have a Happiness Happens Day, and cat lovers can enjoy International Cat Day.  As a cat lover, I'm happy to see that cats everywhere can be recognized for their cuteness.

If you are a bowler, you'll be proud to know there's a special day just for you on August 9, and you yard sale junkies can unite as well.

I feel truly honored to be sharing my birthday on August 12 with all the Middle Children of the world, any International Youth I may have the opportunity to meet, Sewing Machines, which I'll never use in a trillion years, Vinyl Records, ( a few of which I still have) and lots of Elephants throughout the country.  I'll keep these in mind as I head to Red Robin for my FREE cheeseburger.

BIG Hugs...


  1. Where do people come up with such things to celebrate and why don't they eany or tell folks so we could all celebrate

    1. lol! Guess the only way to find out is to read this blog! Hugs...


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