Saturday, April 12, 2014


Let me just tell it to you straight.  If you see a gorgeous woman taking forever to parallel park on the street, you may as well grab a cup of coffee and wait, or run in the other direction. I'm dating myself, but thank goodness I received my drivers' license years ago, only needing to renew in whatever state I landed without actually having to be subjected to that horror again.  Still, I'm parallel parking challenged and not ashamed to admit it.

A friend trained me to pass that portion of the test a long time ago, thank goodness, but after that, I literally lost all memory of how to get it done.  If I have to squeeze into a space, I'll drive around the block forever, or end up parking blocks away to avoid damaging your car or mine.

As technology continues to change on a daily basis, I wonder if eventually we'll have to parallel park wherever we go, making me very afraid...

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