Tuesday, April 22, 2014


A while ago my son told me, "Mom, you have to be the worst grandmother in the history of the world!"  He's probably right. Most grannies love to babysit and hang out with kiddies who drool, but I want no part of it. With one child who is 30, I don't want to get up in the middle of the night unless I want to read a good book, or watch a rerun of Chopped on the Food Network; and I have absolutely no interest in having food thrown at me in the kitchen for grins and giggles. (lol)

The other day, I asked my granddaughter to recite her numbers up to 20, which she's perfectly able to do in person, but once she's on the phone, shyness apparently kicks in.  When I asked what's going on, she told me something I couldn't understand, three times, forcing me to finally ask my son, "what in the world is she saying?" (lol)  He, being the perfect father who totally understands his 2 year old daughter, tells me, "she said she's nervous". Huh...  I never heard any syllables remotely sounding like that, but okay. Once that's communicated by dad, she happily tells me her numbers.

The bottom line is, a baby can't truly appreciate any gourmet cooking, and there's not really much intellectual conversation going on. Therefore, none of my friends even bother asking me to watch babies while they're visiting a doctor, and they know there is absolutely NO way I will ever babysit for date nights, mall visits or trips, and I don't relish the thought of sitting as a passenger in the back of the car if it means sitting along with the baby in a car seat.  That's because once the cutie wakes up, I become the designated person to keep him or her from trying to get OUT of that dang car seat and that's no fun at all.  Even worse, you can't pay me to change a dirty diaper.  In fact, I'm not even sure I remember how to do it anyway!

Don't get me wrong, kids are absolutely adorable to look at in passing, and it's cool to hold them, but their parents need to be in the general vicinity so I can give those cute babies right back!

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