Thursday, June 12, 2014


At about 5:55am this morning, my husband noticed a small young 3 year old opening the door to peek into a Honda Accord parked across the driveway, before calmly slamming it shut. He then walked to the next door neighbor's Camaro, opened that door, looked in and after apparently not feeling warm and fuzzy about that one, decided to zero in on my Cadillac, which I had foolishly left unlocked last night. Clearly, this car was right up his alley. He liked it so much, that he decided to sit in the drivers' seat to check it out even more closely.  I, of course, was unaware of this entire scenario until later. Wow! While in the restroom downstairs  my husband ran down the stairs faster than he normally does ever.  By the time I came out, imagine my surprise to see him with a little boy who was barefoot and in pajamas.  As many of regular readers already know my grand baby lives in another state, so seeing a strange little person in the kitchen couldn't be good, particularly when he asked me to watch him while he put on his shoes.  When he came back from putting in his shoes, he told me he was going to look for the little boy's parents because we had never seen him before, and had no idea where lived. OMG!

He picked him up and went door to door in our complex trying to find the parents with no luck.  Before I knew it, there was a crowd at our door wanting to know what was going on.  By this time, he was back to get the car to canvas the neighborhood to find out where this child had come from.  After an hour of looking with no luck, we provided him with pop tarts, another neighbor provided juice, as he headed to the police station to file a report.

Now as the crowd that was at the door spilled out into the complex, another neighbor came home from work and joined the crew to find out what was going on. She mentioned that a visitor from Illinois had a son and lived in a house my husband had knocked on with no answer earlier. Kudos to her for remembering that! I knocked loudly for several minutes before she finally answered.

To say that this woman was sick inside would be an understatement, and I'm sure you can imagine getting out of bed to find your child was no where in the house.  She said that he normally wakes them up, but he didn't this morning.  Trying to make light of the situation as she walked to her car, I advised her that he decided to go car shopping on his own and didn't want to awaken her to which she smiled.

Thank goodness my husband saw this young child before  he wandered off any further.  He really is a blessing, and a special hero.  This could have been a horrible tragedy.  But everything worked out wonderfully and the little guy is safely back home with mom.

Meanwhile, if you see this adorable and very cute guy (in the car with my hero hubby as they tried to find his house) in your neck of the woods, make sure the doors to you car are locked!
Handsome Hero Hubby back home relaxing after everything was resolved, wanting a huge breakfast. (lol)

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