Monday, June 23, 2014

Top Summer Movie Deals for the Family

Now that the kids are out of school, you may be scratching your head wondering what to do to keep them occupied and happy at affordable prices. Typically a family of three can easily spend over $40.00 to see just one movie, along with snacks and drinks!

If a Regal Cinema is in your neck of the woods, you're in luck because they have a 9-week program for the summer designed to be kid-friendly and fun for just $1.00!  It's true. Splurge on some valuable family time with just a dollar for the movie, and whatever you may choose to spend for snacks. Even better, the proceeds support the Will Rogers Institute for those who have heart issues.

If you spend just $5.00 in advance by purchasing a ticket bundle with Cinemark, you can get 10 movies, or feel free visit  But if you don't wish to purchase on-line, you can still get individual movies right at the movie theater for just a dollar!  Even though these movies may normally be shown in the morning, it's worth it to take advantage of such an awesome deal.

The good thing about these bargains is that they be applicable even if you go on vacation and leave your home to go to another state!  So you're still saving money and can't go wrong.


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