Monday, July 28, 2014


My son thinks I'm a total lunatic because I watch the same things on television over and over again.  This compulsive behavior is really evident with cooking shows.  I've seen every episode of each season of Top Chef at least 3 times and I can't tell you how many episodes of Chopped I've seen. Master Chef is watched twice a week, and even though I'll never visit 1/2 of the places recommended, I'm hooked on Food Paradise and all the reruns of Diners, Drive-In's and Dives.

It's not like I'm a gourmet chef or anything like that. In fact, I'd rather eat a cheeseburger every day if I could get away with it. But I simply can't control my fingers on the remote if one of these programs comes on. Even worse, most of them are taped and saved on the DVR! What in the world is wrong with me?(lol).  Can you believe I'm actually watching Top Chef - Las Vegas right this very minute - AGAIN? I think in some way I get the adrenaline rush without actually having to run around in the kitchen like all the chefs do, and WITHOUT all that sweat.  I don't know, that theory sounds pretty good, but I can't guarantee if it's really true or not. (lol)

In all honesty, I have learned lots of culinary skills and new recipes which come in handy at parties and family gatherings, making people think I'm this really awesome chef.  If they only knew...

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