Wednesday, July 30, 2014


This is one of those days that I wish I had super powers like Superman, Batman or even Bewitched.  There's a good reason for this seemingly over the top desire.

A close friend of mine is absolutely beautiful, curvy and intelligent, yet she's been in a verbally abusive relationship with her husband for almost 6 years. He has also been cheating for quite some time.  She had a part-time position she loved, not making a lot of money, but it was something she enjoyed. Recently, she lost that job minimizing her income to zilch, got drastically ill, making it difficult to even leave her home to seek another position. During all of this, she tried to rally to cook and clean, but found little support from the man who professed to love her above all others.

In the mail about 2 weeks ago she was shocked to received an eviction notice advising her that she was scheduled to be evicted from a home she had lived in for over 10 years, and after making it to court, found she had 2 weeks to vacate the premises.  (The original amount due was miraculously minimized making her simply 1 month and a half late) Ironically, because she had been such a good tenant, she was surprised when her landlord hugged her and apologized for what he was doing.  Of course, she understood that no one can live for free, nor did she wish to take advantage of his kindness. She has been without a phone for over a month, so we mostly talk when she can get to a computer.

Last week her cable was disconnected and today her water was cut off.

In a word - wow!  I'm still amazed that when we talk, my friend has such a positive outlook and unwavering faith, believing that this is a trial that she will be delivered from so she can  provide a testimony to someone else in need.

Though she works hard to hide her feelings, there are snippets of horrific pain, fear and insecurity.  What did she do wrong?  What could have been differently to make this man love her?  The searing hole in her heart threatens to tear her apart and she is lost, wondering what the next step is.

Is this you, are you lost, wondering what the next step is in your life to get YOU back?

Sarah Jakes, T.D. Jakes daughter, quoted an anonymous writer and it made so much sense: "no matter what, once in your life, someone will hurt you.  That someone will take all that you are and rip it into pieces, and they won't even watch where the pieces will land.  But through the breakdown, you'll learn something about yourself.  You'll learn that you are strong and, no matter how hard they try to destroy you, you can conquer anyone."  Powerful words that I shared with my friend, praying that she can get through this, hoping she can be unbroken and get back to the woman she is because she deserves so much more from life.

Is this you?  Are you lost?  The pain may seem unbearable, but you will be found.  You will be better, and you can start over again.


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