Sunday, September 7, 2014


You'll be happy to know that if it's late at night on a weekday, your kids are hanging out in the library.  Upon their initial arrival, there is some social activity, but eventually, they do settle down to study or use the computer.  You'll also be proud to know that there is very little cell phone shenanigans going on while they are IN the library.  YAY!

I was amazed to see that young people are NOT eating junk food in the dining hall as you may have expected.  Nope - they are absolutely enjoying salads, tofu and hummus.  In fact, so many of the kids were eating shredded carrots that I thought they would literally hop out once they were done eating.

Don't get me wrong, some of the kids still love their cheeseburgers, pizza,

corn dogs and french fries, but they are definitely more focused on healthy items these days.

In case you thought this was the wrong blog, I do have to share a few observations.  Some of these college students can put away some food!  Frequently they can be seen eating 4-5 platefuls in one sitting, and they still take some fruit to go.

Still, keep in mind that those darn cell phones are back in full force once they're back in the dining hall!



  1. You are right. We did this in youth group a few times - put junk food down, they ate it but there was plenty leftover. We did fruit and veggies the next time and nothing left. In the younger ages, we do animal cookies and Cheerios for snack and they will ask for seconds

    1. Good to see that the young people are wanting to eat a little more healthy when they can. Thanks for sharing!


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