Sunday, September 7, 2014


These two words are very easy to say, yet, for most of us, actually doing it seems almost impossible. Until we have the courage to be honest about our lives, the cycle of unhappiness will continue.  This is particularly true when the realization of a bad relationship literally knocks you off your feet. It really is true that if you keep doing the same things in your life, you'll continue to get the same result.

After years of "settling", you looked at yourself for the first time and simply walked away from it all. The lies, cheating, disrespect and lack of support from the man you loved caused you to say, "it's time to start over".  You no longer cared about losing the material things,  wondering how you were going to pay the bills, or if there would be enough gas in the car.  It didn't matter that you would be lonely, or that you would be the topic of vicious gossip from those you called friends.  You simply wanted your dignity and self-respect back.  You had to clean up the mess and move on.

Though it hurts unbearably, and you will remember many of the good times, which may cloud your judgment,  realize the struggle you've gone through has prepared you for something much better.  Don't waste valuable time seeking revenge, which is beneath you.  Try to remain positive and surround yourself with goodness. You are ready to be molded so you can help someone else get through the pain.  You are ready for change so you will be what you deserve to be.

Perhaps you've dreamed of being a singer, but circumstances stopped you.  Maybe you're a reader who has a knack for reviewing novels, or have thought about running a marathon.  Take that trip you've been thinking about for years, or go back to school to get your degree. It's okay to take a moment to just cry, then rejoice in your new found courage to find all of the joy life has to offer. Rebuild your life and move on gracefully.



  1. Wow that's so true. Moving hard and forward can be difficult, especially at first but it is also essential.

    1. Thanks so much for the needed feedback and hope you have a super weekend! Hugs...


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