Thursday, June 18, 2015


Whew!  The thing about being under the weather is you come up with all these really cool ideas to blog about, but your fingers just don't want to cooperate. (lol) Also, everything you're supposed to be doing gets hopelessly ignored and put on the back burner. Eventually, all the hair you pulled out in frustration slowly grows back and the pile gets thankfully lower.

For those who may not remember, I've been growing things in the yard with absolutely no skill, but plants are popping up all over the place.  Yay! This includes cantaloupe, turnip greens jalapeno peppers, serrano peppers, mixed peppers, onions, tomatoes, mint, peas and watermelon.  I know you're proud of me because this is an impressive list,(lol) but because I had no clue about what I was doing, nothing is actually marked in the yard. 

I only remember because I left the opened packages in a little basket on my porch. Even worse, the plants are not lined up neatly the way I've seen on television or at my friends' homes.  So a snow pea may end up right beside a pepper, then right beside another snowpea.   By now, you probably have a really good image of what the yard looks like, and I don't think it will be very pretty. (lol) But at least I'll save money on veggies. I'll definitely take pics so you can see the monster I've created.

Now on to the good stuff!  My cousin was telling me the other day that a medication she needed to take for a recent injury cost $231, and I nearly fell off my chair in shock.  Luckily, as a veteran, my medication is free, but it made me wonder if there was a way that people could find bargains on meds, the way they do on other stuff like groceries, books, etc. Luckily there is. What's cool about this money saver is that you can get it on an APP for FREE on iPhone, iPad Touch,or your iPad and it's Android compatible. You may also get a FREE discount card in the mail. If you sign-up for the card, it's actually good for everyone in the family, including your lovable furry and four-legged ones. This site is also recommended by Consumer Reports, CNN, and Forbes. 

Feel free to search for pharmacies near you by keying in a zip code, or type in one of your prescriptions on the website (they provide info on the pill, too) to get a cost estimate right away. Whichever you prefer, the card or the app, savings of up to 80% are available on prescription drugs, and it really works!

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  1. Well, I'm gonna be honest based on that title, I thought this conversation was gonna go a different way. LOL. But ya, I've heard of this discount card and it's seriously handy! Anytime I have to go to the pharmacy, I start to stroke out, meds cost serious money now. It's pretty much insane.

    I hope you're feeling better hun!<3 and your garden is gonna look fabulous and be full of wonderful veggies so thats all that matters:D!


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