Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Kudos and thanks to my buddy, Lanie of, who nominated me and a few other cool bloggers for the "Beautiful Blogger Award".

Lanie blogs about books specifically, but because she enjoys the fantasy genre, occasionally talks about sci-fi movies or tv programs. What I like about this lady is that she's super funny, and frequently has me laughing out loud because of something she posted.  Check her out when you get a chance.

In keeping with this theme, Better Homes and Garden chose their winners for the 2015 BHG Blogger Awards.  They split this up into 6 categories:

1.  Decorating: and
2.  DIY: and
3.  Gardening: and
4.  Everyday Eats: and
5.  Fashion & Beauty: and
6.  Baking: and
As you can see, they missed a section for Book Bloggers(lol), but this list is still pretty neat.

Millions of bloggers all over the world have something important to say about sex, cooking, book/product reviews, fashion/makeup tips, relationship issues, news, entertainment, or how-to, and these are phenomenal accomplishments. But inquiring minds are curious about the inspiration behind how blog names are actually chosen.  Do people poll their friends for ideas, do they do it alone and just run with it, is it tied to the theme of the blog, do you make fun of yourself?  One title that really caught my attention is:

The name sounds funny, and so is she, but everything about this blog is brilliant.

The name associated with my blog is tied to a couple of things. My obsession with trivia and how it actually rhymes with my name. (lol)  

What about you?  How did you choose the name of your Blog?


  1. Congrats on the award ! I agree with you about Lanie's blog, I drop there as often as I can :) When I chose my blog's name, I was going for the "Book hoarder" but oh surprise,it was already taken, lol. I also thought about the tablet junkie, but well, it sounded weird. So I finally chose the e-reader junkie, because that's what I am, except that mine is a tablet : I watch movies/tv shows on it, I read books of course and I listen to music. I'd rather be late at work and miss the train than to forget my tablet home !

    1. Thanks for the kudos, and yes Lanie is awesome! Looks like you put in a lot of effort to come up with the perfect title and knowing you, it totally works! hugs...

  2. Yes, Lanie's blog is fun to visit and I love that she is social and visits about , too.

    I love your blog and learn so many bits of trivia, recipes, happenings, etc. The name you picked really works.

    Shari picked our blog name. It is what it says. She delights in reading and talking about books. Perfect!

    1. Thank you for the kind words and support, Sophia! Lanie is fun and talks about many neat things on her Blog. When I think about your Blog, the title is relaxing and fun and just fits you both. Hugs...

  3. Aaaw, thank you Ro<3!!! Big hugs hun, I'm thrilled that you like my blog and like what I talk about:D!! I do love your blog name, it rhymes and it's a lot of fun to say really fast, plus it's uber rememberable for me:) Plus, your always giving out good advice or interesting tidbits about stuff:D AND of course great discussions. I wonder why they didn't add in a book blogger award? That's kinda hockeyD:!!

    Lots of hugs hun<3

    1. Between your Blog and Facebook, I'm laughing out loud quite a bit. (lol) The rhyming part and my love of stuff is why I started this, but it's also super important to get out the word about domestic violence when possible. Of course, I'll be checking you out tomorrow, hope today is stress-free and relaxing. Hugs right back!

  4. It is always interesting seeing what people's reasoning are for their names. I can't believe they skipped us book bloggers! Hermpf! lol We are of course the most fabulous ;)

    My blog name is because I do both. I knew I wanted cooking posts on the blog and I've burned soup before and thought it was funny. And since I run an animal rescue/sanctuary I really do herd cats. So it fit I thought even if it sounds a bit goofy ;)

  5. My buddy and proprietor of, Rudy Crown, chose the name of our site and I had zero to do with it, however, I can tell you how it came about. The "Creators" tab is compiled of 4 great friends with a penchant for all things media. Though we met throughout all stages developmental, we may as well have known each other since birth. We are the Boys. Cheers.


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