Friday, July 17, 2015


Zack Francom from Provo UT was on a mission to help others at just 6 years old, and he's been doing it ever since.
What exactly has he been doing?  Mixing up his own personal batch of cookies for $.50 and lemonade for just $.50 a cup and earning a whopping salary of $60,000!  
"I started doing this when a charity (LDS Philanthropies) came to our classroom and they asked every classroom to earn $86 to earn wheelchairs for people," Francom said.
He has become so popular that the now 12 year old entrepreneur ended up on the popular Steve Harvey show and earned an additional $5000.
Zack's first goal was to just raise enough money for one wheelchair but over the years, his shack grew in popularity. He wasn't just raising enough for one wheelchair, but lots of them.  Everything he earns is given right back for those in need.

Now that's a wonderful act of kindness!
If you want to help visit

This is a quick nod to my buddy Mary Kirkland from Darkthoughts who shares all the free things she's snagged throughout the week on Freebie Fridays at her blog.  Some of the things she picks up are fab. Hey There Mary!
July 27 - July 31:  Family Friendly movies for FREE at Halle Cultural Arts Center in Apex., NC. Bring your own goodies to munch on.
Visit the Wallace Parking Deck at 150 E. Rosemary St. in Chapel Hill, NC on the 3rd + 4th Thursday of the month through August 27 and enjoy FREE admission for outdoor movies, popcorn, games, activities for kids/adults, telecscope demos and prizes.  Bring your own comfy lawn chairs.
If the heat is too much and you want to cool off, why not bring along the kids to Fuquay Varina's brand new Splash Pad. At 6000 square feet, with lots of bright gadgets, there's sure to be plenty of fun for everyone in the family!

Where: South Park, 900 S. Main St, right beside the local Community Center
Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily until the fall
Cost: FREE

This sounds totally hard to believe, but it's true.  Act quickly to get your Blue Ribbon Foods  FREE Chef’s Mixed Grill sample package. This includes two premium flat iron steaks, three chicken breast kabobs, and a delicious apple cobbler crisp. Just fill out the form here and a Blue Ribbon customer service representative will contact you to coordinate delivery. No purchase is necessary, and no credit card is required. Sample packs are extremely limited and only available to those in their delivery area. Thanks to the Freebie Blogger for finding this awesome deal!

Not my everyday purse - too small (lol)
The other day, I went through the monumental task of cleaning out my purse, which is already fairly large.  Every time I switch bags, I tell myself that I'm not going to pile it up with tons of useless stuff. Consistently, my intentions are really good, but just like a New Year's resolution, I'm right back to my old habits before I know it. I found 2 Strawberry Lip Balms in a state not intended for use because I forgot and left my purse in the car one day.  Then I save receipts from every purchase thinking that they'll be needed for a day that very rarely comes. Should I mention all those books that mysteriously find their way in, along with mail, mascara, medicine, phones, phone books (yes, I still carry one of those), spoons, tire gauges, soap/facecloth, tissues and goodness knows what else? The answer to this is probably to use a smaller purse, but junk will surely find its way in there, too. Yes, I know I need some discipline, but dang it, I need those things to be in there! (lol) What about you?  Are you just carrying too much stuff?



  1. Thanks so much for the shout out. :) I love sharing the places to get freebies from. My purse always has things in it that I don't need.

    1. You're very welcome Ms. Mary and hope you're staying cool and comfy this weekend! LOL - I know, right? My purse issues are crazy! Hugs...

  2. Have you read that news article where the cops shut down a kid-owned lemonade stand in TX because it's illegal?

    1. OMG - No! I have to look that up and get the deets! Thanks for letting me know. That sounds really nuts! Hugs...

  3. Yay, Zack! You're very special. And, many thanks to Steve Harvey, too, for giving Zack and his cause national attention!!

    1. I know, right? I just love that a kid thinks enough of others to do something so unselfishly. I'll bet we'll read about him doing awesome things as an adult. Hugs...

  4. I feel like we'll definitely hear about his good works when he's an adult. Hugs...


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