Friday, January 1, 2016

Food, Food and More Food

After laughing my "you know what " off last night until 12:30am with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, AND all the crazy tweets that went along with it, I was still in silly mode this morning.  I'm a serious fan of Bradley Cooper aka Mr. Perfect, but I vowed to stay away from the Hangover movies, and have been steadfast since 2009.  Well, I lost my resolve and giggled like a kid watching the movie today.  Then I made it even worse by watching Hangover 3.  What in the world is wrong with me, right?

This post is all about food without any actual recipes. *heh*,  

Take advantage of the special Winter Package at The Fearrington House, in Pittsboro, NC, which includes a one night's stay with a three-course dinner, Afternoon Tea, a Full Breakfast and a $25 gift card for shopping. Available through February 28th, 2016, this package is inclusive and offered at room rates listed: Standard: $510 | Deluxe: $610 | Superior: $720 | Grand: $870.   Be sure to take a look at their fabulous menu choices!!!!
I haven't figured out why they call this a cookout because there are plenty of food events for all three days at different rates and some are rather pricey.  Perfect if you're headed to Cayman.

If you'd like the chance to meet Robert Irvine, Guy Fieri, Marcus Samuelsson, Rachel Ray and more, head out to South Beach in Florida for their 15th Annual Food & Wine Festival hosted by the Food Network and presented by Food & Wine from February 24 through February 28.  Get the BigTop Pass for $690.00 to see a good portion of the events, or just go to the Grilled Cheese Happy Hour for a smooth $100.
Are you a food truck fan?  Head to Austin, TX where gourmet trucks are lined up all the time.
Rather hang out in Raleigh instead?  Why not try the Food Truck Rodeo?  There are several dates this is held, but the 1st one is May 1, 2016 from 1pm - 6pm.  This event boasts over 50 food trucks gathering from all over the state of NC on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh.  Now that's some good eatin'!
As you already know, I'm a serious fan of Taste of Home's Five Ingredient Cookbook, so I was thrilled to find this recipe.  For those who are still in Christmas mode, this is a great contest to enter to earn some quick cash.  Good Luck!
January 15, 2016
Enter your original recipes for Christmastime potlucks.
No more than 12 ingredients, please. Taste of Home wants to hear the background or story of each recipe. You may also upload a photo.
Open to legal residents of Canada (excluding QC), the 50 United States and DC who are age 18 or older.
Grand Prize: $500
First Prize: $300.
Second Prize: $150.
Third Prize: $75.
8 Honorable Mention Prizes: A book.
All winners may have their names and recipes published in a future Taste of Home magazine or cookbook.


  1. You know what's sad? I can't even remember if I've seen Hangover 3 or not! I saw the one where they go overseas...China? I think that was Hangover 2, though, right?

    1. Yikes, Stephanie! (lol) That tells me you weren't impressed at all if you did see it! Hangover 2 I didn't see. (lol) Hugs...

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right? Can you imagine them sitting on the counter at home eating all that yummy ice cream?! (lol) Hugs...

  3. I should not have read this post before lunch. I'm starving! I've watched the first Hangover and loved it but haven't gone any further. The Food Truck Rodeo sounds so fun! We're starting to get a decent number here but I don't use them nearly as much as I want to.

    1. I was amazed at how good it was, too. I'm going to see if I can grab a blogger friend (maybe Anna if I can rope her in-lol) and head to that rodeo. Hugs...

  4. Hangover is so wrong, but oh so good. ^ . ^

  5. I don't watch a lot of comedies so I haven't seen that movie.

    1. Some comedies are just too dang silly, but this one was definitely better than I expected and gave a lot of good laughs. Hope all is well! Hugs...

  6. The kitten photo made me laugh! And the Fearrington House stay sounds fabulous but unfortunately out of my price range. What a pretty house and setting, though!

    1. I love, love love cats, and can't help finding fun pics of them when I can. I'm with you on that pricing thing for the getaway, girl! (lol) Hugs...

  7. A food truck rodeo? Do tell! That sounds fun. We have Eats & Beats here in Detroit every summer, but I like the idea of this food truck rodeo. :)

    1. Can you imagine grabbing a friend and visiting all those trucks? Utter heaven! That sounds pretty neat in Detroit. Have to look that one up to find out more. Hugs...


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