Sunday, March 20, 2016


lemon drop martini


  • 12ounce vodka
  • 3/4 ounce triple sec
  • 1 teaspoon superfine sugar
  • 2 Oz. Sweet & Sour
  • 34Ounce fresh lemon juice
  • 4 -5Ice cubes
  • Superfine sugar for the martini glass rim and a lemon twist.


  1. Chill martini glass in freezer for at least 10 minutes prior to serving.
  2. Place Vodka, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour,lemon juice and sugar into a cocktail shaker with 4-5 ice cubes and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.
  3. Run the lemon twist around the edge of the chilled martini glass and dunk in a small amount of sugar for a coated rim.
  4. Pour the strained martini into the chilled glass and serve.
  5. Not only is this a tasty drink, but these particular ingredients help to lift your spirits and to de-stress.
  6. Thanks to Ashley Vinci

Everyone deserves to be paid for a service, but I can't help but to wonder why sacrificing dignity and morals would be a way to earn a paycheck.  I'm speaking specifically about those programs that zero in on relationships, such as Marriage Boot Camp, The Seven Year Switch and more. One show that's particularly disturbing ( I had a hard time choosing just one) deals with a Youtube Celebrity was was 16 when her mom allowed her to get married to a 40+ year old man. Fast forward to the present, and the husband allegedly proposed a threesome between his now 21 year old wife and her mother, causing the wife to be livid! These shows are sort of scripted, but airing dirty laundry about your family and its dysfunction just seems so wrong to me, and is why I've stopped watching.  Some of these peeps seem like they're really in trouble, and should work on their relationships behind the scenes with money they've earned.

What happened to it, is what most of us are dying to know.  If we ask where something is, we're being a bother.  If we need to know if they have more merchandise in stock, we receive smirks and a slammed door from the manager.  A smile goes a long way in life, so I'm just saying...

Have you ever gone through a period where nothing you read grabs your attention, you're too sick or too busy to pick up a novel, and your TBR pile starts to gather dust?  How do you handle it, or do you just go with the flow and wait it out?

Have you been watching The Hunger Games series?  I never read the books, but the movies were phenomenal and interesting.  Did you know that the very talented Jennifer Lawrence made just $500,000 for the first movie, but now she scores up to $10 million for the sequels?

You've heard me talk about James Patterson and his awesome ability to write so many successful novels, and in fact, as of January 2016, he holds the Guinness record for selling the most # 1 New York Times Best Sellers!  However, and I found this quite interesting.  Erika Leonard James, more commonly known as E.L. James, is the most successful writer of adult fiction. For those who may have forgotten and didn't catch the movie or read the book, she penned the now very talked about Fifty Shades of Grey books. From 2012 to 2013, she earned 95 million beating out James Patterson during that same period as he raked in a mere 91 million!  Wow!

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Alcohol swabs are a great tool.  If you garden, use them to disinfect pruners to prevent the spread of bacterial and fungal diseases.

It's Spring and time to clean up all
that stuff you didn't want to be bothered with when it was cold. (lol)  Let's start with the microwave, because that's super easy. Mix 1/2 cup of lemon juice or lemon into 1 cup of water in a microwave safe dish for 3 minutes. Leave your door closed for 5 minutes to let the steam permeate and soften anything that may be stuck on the walls.  Open and wipe out with a sponge or wet towel, and watch the magic happen with very little effort. This works, guys!

Are you guilty of throwing everything into a kitchen drawer only to find what you need a year later?  Save yourself some time and stress by grabbing an organizer so you can see exactly what's in that throwaway drawer.  I can't tell you how often I've looked for something that was right in front of me!


  1. I blame reality TV for our current state in politics right now. People are so into these crass shows that are often nasty and overly dramatic, it blurred the lines between reality and "scripted". I miss the days when smart shows are popular

    1. Totally agree with you on this one. The nasty comments are outrageous and embarrassing. Give me Jeopardy I tell you! (lol)

  2. I wonder how the martini would taste without the vodka...

  3. I cannot stand reality TV, though I'm paying attention to the US politics- which is basically reality TV. I mean, seriously, America. Get your shit together. The rest of the world still thinks highly of you, but when you've got a joke of a GOP frontrunner, you're really not helping your case. Lol.

    1. I agree so much Joy! What happened to getting basic info about what's going on without all the sniping and mean comments? Crazy! Hope all is well Joyous Joy. Hugs...

  4. I only watch 1 or 2 reality tv shows. I stopped watching most of the others years ago. I just don't like them, too much drama.

    1. You're right, Mary. Already enough drama in real life. (lol) Hugs...

  5. I hate to burst any bubbles, but apparently it's fairly well known that most of James Patterson's books are ghostwritten (these days anyway). He's even holding a contest for someone to write his next book, I believe? He provides a detailed outline, which is great, but low-paid authors do most of the actual wordsmithing. I guess it wouldn't be too hard to be prolific if you were outsourcing the work!

    1. Wow! Think about all the money he's making zinging out 14 books a year and someone else is writing them! Explains why there seems to be such a difference in the storyline. Love hearing trivia like this Stephanie! Hugs...

  6. It's seriously horrifying that she's the most successful author. I mean it hurts my soul that the books she wrote have been read and praised by so many. Hurts. My. Soul.

    1. I was super surprised to see that too, Awesome Anna! Wow!


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