Saturday, January 11, 2014


As you already know, books are pretty much all over the house, but there is an order so I can find them if I need to re-read or do research.  Lately, however, we seem to ow be inundated with clocks.  You probably already guessed that I didn't put them there.(lol)  

A clock shaped like a chubby chef, a silver clock that chimes with various types of music to grab your attention in the middle of the night, a clock that is shaped like the world in case we need to check out other countries are just a few that are on the wall right now.  What's really neat is that I can pretty much look in any direction and get the time, but do we really need 12 of them?

I dare not complain too much because my husband may start re-stocking all my books and DVDs , and I think we all know that would be a total disaster. (lol)

Oh look - it's 2:07am on January 12 in Sweden right now.


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