Sunday, March 15, 2015


Some things in life really are FREE! My mailbox this week was once again overflowing with goodies, despite having some major issues of not receiving mail from good friends,(info coming soon) and grocery stores were ready when I brought in coupons to rack up some amazing deals. Can you see me doing the Happy Dance?

1.  One Year Subscription to Muscle & Fitness Magazine (yes, I need to focus on my fluffiness)
2.  One year Subscription to Brooklyn Magazine (awesome places to eat)
3.  10 Packages of Seasoning (McCormick Ground Cumin, Minced Garlic & Oregano Leaves)
4.  1 18 Count of Large Eggs from My Essentials
5.  Minute Maid Orange Juice 
6.  L'Oreal Triple Resist Ultimate Strength Solution - 5.1 Fluid Ounces
7.  Yankee Candle - Midsummer's Night Scent
8.  Nivea - In-Shower Body Lotion - Amazing
9.  J.R. Ward - Covet
10.  Susan Squires - The Companion
11.  Better Homes & Gardens - Compete Step by Step Cookbook from 1978

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