Monday, March 30, 2015


As a lover of scents, visitors often compliment me on the way our home smells.  Oil burners, candles and plug-ins are high on my list of purchases to ensure this effect consistently.

Recently, I received a 4 Oz. Jar of Lavender Vanilla to review, and all thoughts are 100% my own.  

The first thing anyone will notice right away upon picking up the jar BEFORE even taking off the top, is the highly fragranced aroma.  I didn't know what it was, but it smelled absolutely lovely.  Then you see that's in a clear plain jar with no embellishments, making it easy to see the color, and little flecks of vanilla beans were actually on the bottom,  making it very unique.

Once the jar was opened, I was surprised by the marble/crystal texture because the candles I'd seen in the past displayed oil in the bottom, and it smelled amazing. When using 100% Palm Wax, it is poured in layers at a lower temperature, so this technique provides the special texture.  It is also non-toxic, has a natural wick and burns cleaner to eliminate soot buildup seen in regular candles.  Because the texture is harder than other candles, they may be used outside and won't melt in the summer heat, which is an extra bonus now that we're moving into warmer weather.

Living in a two-story home, it's rare to find one candle that will provide a strong scent both up and downstairs, but this one does it after about 32 minutes of burning, and the wick stayed brightly lit.  A friend visited the other day didn't notice the candle in the living room, as she headed to the bathroom upstairs.  When she came back down, she told me she looked everywhere trying to find out what smelled so good with no luck, and I proudly pointed to the candle right in front of her, and she was shocked!  

With all of these neat benefits, you would think the candle would be super expensive, but it's not.   The 4 ounce glass container is just $8.95, and the 8 ounce version is $12.95.  If you'd like to try a sample, pay only $2.95! 

If interested, here's the link to get this scent or others, and even better, all shipping is FREE!

Right now, feel free to click on this link to order your candle. If you're interested in the sample or 4 oz. size, please e-mail me directly.  Otherwise, the 8 oz version may be clicked on now for prompt ordering.


  1. That's not a bad price at all. I love candles too. Sounds like that one smells wonderful :)

    1. I have so many of these things, it's a sheer miracle that I haven't burned myself and the house up! (lol) Hugs...

  2. My mom loves Vanilla candles, this definitely sounds like a mothers day gift to me!

    1. Hey Lanie: Sounds like a plan and a great gift for Mother's Day! BIG Hugs...


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