Saturday, June 20, 2015


Now that warmer weather has descended upon us in the states, there's a chance that you're going to be invited to a cookout, or expected to use your own dormant grill.  There are many books about barbeque, and Bobby Flay, bless his cheating heart, has perfected it for fans of the Food Network or Cooking Channel.  

I may be the most hated woman in America when it comes to this topic, but anything cooked on a grill is not my friend. Sorry. Even worse, I don't want any type of bbq sauce on my food.  It doesn't matter if it's store bought, homemade, gourmet or sent from my boyfriends Jason Statham or Roman Reigns. Don't waste your time by telling me, "You'll love the way I make this", or trying to sneak it on a piece of oven baked chicken.(lol) If you bring barbecue from Texas, Kansas City, SC, downtown Raleigh, or any of the other well known barbecue states, something about that smoky taste is not a tasty treat to me. 

However, there are other things I'm obsessed about these days.

1.  I can't explain it, but Balsamic Vinegar is my new go to cooking favorite and I find reasons to put it on just about everything.

2.  I'm already married, so why in the world am I glued to Say Yes to the Dress, Bride By Design and Curvy Brides?  I can watch these programs in marathon form over and over again.  Also, my guilty pleasure has to be the reality show, Chrisley Knows Best. Laugh out loud with this outrageously fun family from Georgia. 

3.  Suspense/Spy novels.  I finish one and immediately jump into the next without collecting my $200.

4.  Pinterest rocks!  Not only have I found really neat friends, but just about anything you're interested in can be located on a board.  I keyed in pink living rooms and found some really amazing decorating ideas.There are neat quotes, funny pics, great recipes and information on books.  

5.  Yep, if you guessed my old time fave of cheeseburgers, you go to the head of the class.  When there's a program on television about them, I'm on the couch.   If there's a new way to cook them at home, I'm in, and any new restaurant who brags about how good their burgers are, can expect me to call for reservations.   

But what about you?  Is there something new that you're hooked on that has friends scratching their heads and thinking you're nuts?  Do you like barbecue?


  1. Believe it or not, I've never attended a barbecue in all my life, lol, but I say yes yes yes to balsamic vinegar ! My daughters love burgers so I make vegan burgers at home, but that's about it. On the other hand, I love suspense novels and Pinterest is a drug. I try very hard to practically never go there or else, you'll still find me browsing the pictures the next day. I intend to indulge in august, however, more time for that. Say hello to your boyfriends for me ;)

    1. LOL! If only I could pass on hugs from me and a hello from you to my boyfriends (lol) Would totally make my day! It's super easy to get hooked on Pinterest, for sure. I don't think you're missing much on the bbq, other than the fellowship. (lol) Balsamic Vinegar - yay!! Hope your day is super! Hugs...

  2. You're not alone...I'm not a fan of barbecue sauce either.

  3. Ooo yes! Balsamic vinegar is amazing. I can't eat most bbq but I do enjoy *some* of the sauces. I'm pretty picky though. I think there's like 2 I'll eat and both are from a place back home so I rarely have it.

    I'm obsessed with hmmmm...foodwise green peas? lol I try to sneak them in everything. Coffee ice cream too.

    1. I need to do the research on who invented Balsamic vinegar. (lol) Brilliant idea. I think you told me you were from Florida? I can imagine they have all types of neat sauces to tempt your tastebuds. Peas? (lol) If you can sneak in a veggie for someone, all hail to Anna! I enjoy coffee ice cream on occasion, but I find a way to add chocolate and walnuts. Hugs...


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