Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Of course, I'd like to steal credit for this because it's a great idea, but all hail the goodness of Anna Cade from http://www.herdingcats-burningsoup.com who put this entire thing together, and it's amazing!

All of the info from Anna is listed below, but there's more detail by visiting her site or the auction site.  It's over on 9/1, so don't forget to take a peek soon!  Hugs...

"You guys! It's here! The Support the Troops Auction is here!
This is our third time hosting the benefit auction. All donations go to the USO where I've volunteered the last five years.

I'm including images of each auction package so you can see larger pics. They're a spot small on the actual auction site.

Real quick:
The USO where I volunteer is at our airport. We provide a lounge where military and their dependents can rest while waiting for flights or if they've had a delay/cancellation. We have a playroom, kitchen, lounge and computer area. We also have an honors team that comes in to escort fallen soldiers coming through our airport and their families. We do welcome home celebrations and deployments as well as a ton of other things. 
Last time I looked I think it was 500,000 who come through our center each year. You can find out more about what we do here.

The auction is to benefit our center and the USO of NC!

We've got a ton of cool stuff from books to crafts up for grabs. Please come bid on items! And if you can't bid please share the post on your social media. It would be greatly appreciated! Huge thanks to everyone who donated items! Be sure to check them out!"

(auction ends 9/1)

There are 45+ packages with over 125 books/items. I have a few more to add.


  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing this- such a cool thing.

  2. Wonderful idea! I wish them a big successful auction turnout!

  3. I hope the auction goes really well.

  4. What a lovely idea!
    YOU, have a day filled with sparkle.

  5. Oh I do hope the auction goes well.

    All the best Jan

  6. What a great cause and SUCH a good collection of items!

  7. Really thoughtful thing to do and best wishes to everyone involved!

  8. Many thanks to all those working behind the scenes for this event in support of our troops!

  9. I hope the auction goes amazingly!

  10. I love the UFO volunteering at the airport. What a wonderful thing to do.

    Have a day filled with sparkle, Ro.

  11. That's a great idea, there's nothing like that where I live!

  12. I like that old world design of Young Jane Austen.

  13. I'm bidding on a few things now! This is such an amazing thing!

  14. Hope the auction is a great success. I'd bid if I lived in the US.

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