Sunday, December 21, 2014


The other day I watched Extreme Cheapskates on TLC because they had holiday versions,  and my goodness was I surprised!

One lady felt perfectly at ease by running off with family members items from their homes, THEN wrapping those same things up to give back to them as gifts 3 months later! No matter that her sisters and aunts went crazy looking for merchandise they knew they'd purchased a while ago, and had given up hope of ever finding again!

Another popular woman visited many parties and packed up food in baggies to take home.  Never mind that she then saved them in her fridge for 2-3 weeks to give out as appetizers for her own Christmas party which was held 3 days AFTER Christmas.

Another lady asked a sales clerk if she had any broken Christmas merchandise that she'd like to give away or wasn't using any more, because she wanted it for a party.  The manager said no one had ever asked her that before, however she did manage to sell the customer a box filled with broken bulbs and lights, torn tinsel and a tree topper that had seen better days for $20.  Not bad.

Frugality AND creativity at its best, that you've got to watch when when you get a chance.



  1. Whew nope. Not for me. I'm so glad I don't know people who go that extreme. I'd be so upset if someone tried to steal something of mine then gift it to me. Don't think I'd ever let them in my home again.

    1. lol! Definitely extreme. but gosh darn it, I couldn't help laughing at the actual nerve to do this, even to a family member. Crazy! Hugs...


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