Monday, December 15, 2014


A few days ago, some friends and I got into a heated debate about this issue, and frankly I was surprised that some had such differing views than I did.  So...we made a bet that we'd do our own survey to see how people really felt. (2 have individual blogs and will do the same survey) I won't share my opinion yet, but let's just say that $250.00 is on the line. (lol)  Here are the questions:
1.  You've found out that your spouse had a second phone unbeknownst to you for over a month.  (You found the phone under the bed while vacuuming one day) Is this okay?
2.  Your spouse has been looking at local pictures of women/men via Facebook and "friending them".  ("Trying to get as many Facebook friends as possible and a lot of them are cousins I haven't seen in a while")  Is this okay?
3.  Your spouse took a second job that you had no knowledge of.  ("Needed the extra cash and have been saving it up for the holidays so I could get more gifts") Is this okay?
I'm really eager see the responses, and if most people feel as I do.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that if I'm in the majority, I win a cool $250.00 to shell out for books at Barnes and Noble or Amazon, and I'll share my thoughts on these crazy situations! (lol)  Hugs...

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