Thursday, December 25, 2014


Something is seriously wrong with me I know, but gosh darn it, I just couldn't help it!

On the Hallmark Movie Channel, they decided to program a Yule Log in a burning fireplace which sounds totally boring. But they added a cat who licked himself, roamed around, peeked at the camera, pretended to sleep and at one time almost knocked over every log near the fireplace, and I was totally fascinated.

I've finally pulled myself away from the madness to wish you and your family the best Christmas ever!

If you're not too stuffed or have any food left over, please take a moment to share some with a neighbor who has no family, a military wife or husband who may be alone, or a homeless person who yearns for something better.  Many may choose to be alone for peace of mind during the holidays, but so many others seek companionship during this time to minimize the depression or pain of loneliness.

I'm grateful for the new friends I've met, the laughter I've experienced and the joy of knowing my son, who lives far away, has a family he loves and who loves him back, unconditionally.

Merry Christmas to you all and many continued blessings!


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  1. Merry Christmas Ro! That is a wonderful reminder. Hope you had a great day. And if I had tv I might just be fascinated by that too. lol


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