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This morning when I checked my computer, the first thing I noticed was a message regarding the woman below, who happens to be the wife of a prominent pastor.  I was horrified at the abuse of course, but even worse, was the negative feedback and backlash she received for posting the information and pictures on Facebook.

As an advocate for Domestic Violence, we know this is a crime which continues to remain silent, and mostly hidden; yet when it is announced publicly, the person who was abused, gets victimized all over again by society.  I don't get it.  The issue here is not that it was posted on Facebook in my opinion, but that there has been a crime committed, however we found out about it.

This pastor has been removed from his position at the church, and we can only pray that he gets the help he needs to gain healing.  His wife, on the other hand, has to somehow manage to hold her head high in the midst of everything that has happened, and she'll need support and love.

If you, or someone you know is being emotionally or physically abused, please offer your kindness.

Please take a look at all of the messages posted below from the victim's Facebook page, and know that the comments keep on coming.

PastorMichele Patrice Seward added 3 new photos.
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To all of my family and friends please understand we are not trying to degrade or demean my husband, he has a bad temper that needs to be addressed and other issues as well...regardless I did not deserve this
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  • La Savine Givens Yes but this is wrong. Why try to destroy her face. God heal and restore her.
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  • Jack Trippa Men and women stop hitting one another,,its not a woman issue
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  • Corletta J. Vaughn Social MEDIA is OUR Mountain of COMMUNICATION...
  • Corletta J. Vaughn Jack you are RIGHT.... EVERYBODY keep yours hands to yourself... Jack Trippa... YOU ARE SO RIGHT..
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  • Jack Trippa But why facebook this,,maybe its attention u really want,,and we dont know what happened,,did u hit him???
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  • Shirley Thomas if you would a person I know they have a bad temple P problems hitting on all that time and she still chose to stay with him, God give you five senses and warning sign, I met a guy we've been talking for 2 weeks he want to take me to the movie but neither one of us had a car so we offer to meet each other at the bus terminal at the movie theater I was a little late coming because you know how the buses are when I got there this man started yelling at me saying what took me so long, i been here for a half an hour, I said hold on I'll be right back, I got back on the bus when back home, and left him there for some more hours, those are signs of anger, he called me, I said i don't appreciate no man talking to me that way and that end of story. Learn to walk away women and men I seen women beat up on their men also
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  • Jack Trippa When men are abused or killed by women yall get silent,,smh,,dont be biased
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  • Yve Moore My heart and prayers goes out to both parties. No can honestly say what they would do until in this type of situation. I'm even more grieved that when the world looks at this, it will also be another "Turn Off", even more mockery and reproach brought on GOD'S CHURCH. A place that's supposed to be a safe haven.
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  • Trudi Camille I can't see a woman of God feeling that FACEBOOK is the place to settle this Serious issue.. I can't 
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  • Apostle Ebbs Please get Help and Wise Council Im Praying..
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  • Racesien Burleson Carter Praying for you my sister an your husband as well! Some of these comments make me embarrassed to say IM A WOG, but in all I'll let my actions speak, GOD HELP US ALL!!!
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  • Israel Chuks Okeke PROV,14:1.CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU! PEACE..........OH
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  • Eric L Walker Sr "You batta get a brick and bust MISTER head open and think about heaven later" in my ms Sophia voice from color purple......
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  • Tasha Life'sgood Outlaw-Moore @LadyApostle Adkins,Like I said before with no disrespect....What does being christian have to with anything?We all sin and we all fall short of God....But were you a good faith christian all of your life?I'll wait!!!Y'all church folks kill hiding behind the bible while casting stones....Pleas Understand I will answer to one man and one man only and that's God until then
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  • George Moore Hurt people hurt people, but you are choosing to accept the abuse by staying in it. If you think you are going thru this to please God, then it's wrong. Like I said before Jesus went through all kinds of punishment so that we do not have too. This is NOT the way of the Kingdom of God which is righteousness (right standing with God our Father), peace (shalom) and joy (strength) in Holy Spirit. Inner Peace was a highly sought after gift in the Old Testament, not a title, state of prosperity, etc... I suspect a generational influence of abuse is in the midst and bondage to that situational abuse. You two being one flesh doesn't mean he had a right to hit you because he hates himself. Ephesians 5:29 (NIV) reads "After all, no one ever hated their own body, but they feed and care for their body, just as Christ does the church--"
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  • Deedee Austin Pastor patrice seward call me if you can bishop is a friend of mine please call me and cause we need talk Dr. AUSTIN
  • Andreas L Mackey Listen I am a man of god BUT where do I go to protect this women of God from harm. Let me take care of her husband one on one.He needs to be locked up.prayers ARE good but she needs direct help
    I also pray for here.all this back to back talk by the so called men and women of GOD she needs help
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  • Keir Coleman Ward WHEN YOU CRY FOR HELP AND YOU REALLY NEED HELP YOU CRY ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE TIL SOMEONE LISTENS AND ACKNOWLEDGES. YOU DONT CONCERN YOURSELF WITH APPROPRIATENESS WHEN YOUR FACE AND HEAD LOOK LIKE THAT!! Often times the police don't even take domestic violence seriously so the woman is right for reaching out to whomever will listen and help! Even social media! Some ppl don't know what it feels like to feel stuck or backed in a corner with seemingly no way out and so they lack compassion for ppl in that situation. Smh.
    Now maybe they can both get the help they need.
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  • Martin Kardinal Collins Jr. Corletta J Vaughn... Would Jesus have post this status???
  • Tasha Life'sgood Outlaw-Moore Please don't come for me with bible....because being a christian doesn't make your opinion better then mine....I will respect your opinions and you will respect mines and I don't care who you are or what you are either...You will answer to God just like I will standing in the same line..
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  • George Moore Jesus had his status posted 2000 ago in the holy writ.
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  • Yvonne Lawson Oh My God !!!
  • Eric L Walker Sr Insecure BOYS {{{{{MASQUERADING}}}}} around as MEN hit women! ....punkish move!!!
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  • Martin Kardinal Collins Jr. George Moore this situation does not equate to Jesus' so please don't go there
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  • Henrika Benford Why Facebook? You are crying out for help, and I feel this is not the first time he has hit you, you both need help. You obviously are in a confuse mind state when a man goes for you in your face it really is to make you unattractive to anyone else as a minister you know this is a situation you need to leave domestic violence is serious, and ladies don't go hitting on a man , getting in his face challenging him and don't think he will charge you back I don't know the situation but to post this on Facebook and then say well he just has a bad temper you obviously need professional help.
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  • George Moore No, I have too Martin. First, this not about Jesus, it's about a woman who believes in Him crying out for help through social media. As brothers and sisters in Christ we can either say 'it was wrong for her to put her business in the street' and ignore and say she is crying wolf or we can respond as Jesus would do. I'm responding like Jesus would do and no judge why she chose this outlet to do so.
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  • Jack Trippa She should have been headed to the hospital instead of taking blood pics to post,,ijs a lil drAmatic,
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  • Natalie Small Ok let me say this. If the allegations are indeed true and he is abusing her then she should professional help. As a member of the 5fold this is not the place to post such things. We all are and should be compassionate at the same time we have To be truthful. Fb is not the place for this bottom line but either which way both need help and counseling neither should be ministering until a full forgiveness has been reached
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  • George Moore The cut doesn't really look that deep.
  • Derrick Lee I think you should call the police not Facebook it's a family matter not Facebook matter
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  • Greta Bridges Roberson No judgement should be made! It's obvious! The truth stands by itself! Can not hide behind God on this one!
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  • Natalie Small Right the hospital is just gonna have her wait for hours on end ask her if she needs a shot put a bandaid over it and then give her Motrin it's no need to go.
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  • Bishop Keith A Rollerson Sr. Let's Pray they both seek the help they need
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  • Tamekia Hall Now datz d truth Derrick Lee!
  • George Moore I've messaged someone who I think knows her well.
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  • Jack Trippa #attentionseeker#takeittothelord#ijs
  • Fannie Gamble Listen This May Can Help Somebody Else Whos Going Threw This Ppl If U Dnt Like Wat She Post Unfriend Or Block This Her Timeline Or Did Y'all Forget Social Media These Days Helping Alota Ppl Believe It Or Not Nd It Dnt Matter If A Woman Hit A Man A Real Man Will Walk Away Theres No Exscuse For A Man Hit A Woman Smh Praying For U Woman Of God But Get Out B4 It's To Late God Bless
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  • Gaylin Duhart Is he still your husband? Drop him like it's hot because it is!
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  • Abigail Jones Is this really true???if sooo why put it on here??
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  • Ayana Weaver Get out and get help!
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  • Fannie Gamble Jack Trippa U Must Hit Woman Ijs
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  • Roxanne Becker You need to get out that relationship cause God forbid omeone is gonna get hurt or taking out in body bag, i dont want to see that happen or hear that happen. Smdh
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  • George Moore Gotta get back to the client site's work. God bless you all! Remember, when one of us hurts, we all hurt. Us who are strong let's be mindful and help bare the infirmities of the weak. The effectual feverent prayers of the righteous avails much! Love you all to life! 

    Apostle George
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  • Mgen Momentis 1Corinthian 13:4 was not and is not being practiced in this Marriage. . You have a Safe Haven. Get out NOW!!!!!
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  • Jack Trippa Fannie Gamble, never in my life so dont ever say stupid shit because now u look like an ass,,u must hit men I suppose???+?
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  • Jack Trippa And u bigger than most men so we even luv, ijs
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  • Mgen Momentis Natalie Small..The very FACT THAT she would Post it here says she is Reaching out.. It's a CRY FOR HELP. .
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  • Dennice Owens Jack Trippa can you shut up this is her page she can post what she wants and he's a man of God i would show the world what he did too wolves in sheep clothing is what you call ppl who represent God word but living sinful in their homes expose him and i...See More
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  • Lorenzo Davis I'm like most of the post on here, why Facebook, and who you really trying to prove that he's not a bad man to, you or us. if you didn't want him to appear like a bad man you would have wash the blood off your face before you appeared on here, unless that's your sneaky way of getting him in trouble on here if someone see it as opposed to actually saying that he's wrong
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  • London L Merriweather Sr. George Moore is correct so those who her are real friends need to acknowledge this cry for help, next time she might not be so lucky all bullshit aside
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  • Jack Trippa Dennice Owens,,fuc u too,,it say comment. Ijs
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  • Nakia Coffee-Atkins praying for you sister,
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  • Roxanne Becker I wish everybody would stop all this fussing its Christmas holidays. We all gave her advice its up to her wht she wanna do. All we can do is pray.
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  • James Stakely Mr. Trippe you come off as a woman beater do you not know that the woman is the weaker vessel and a man can restrain a woman with out hitting them, a man that beat a woman is a coward and with that said I have no more comments on this post " peace and love to all "
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  • Dennice Owens I don't care it says comment not criticize if you not here to pray for her keep your cursing mouth shut Jack Trippa!
  • Henrika Benford So looking at your pics you have a older man, who is a minister, who seems to be doing well, your smiling in your pics but don't look very happy, you all are living a church life, he's much bigger then you and he looks like he don't take no mess, so ei...See More
  • Miz Terra Firstlady King U NEED TO GET OUT OF THAT situation before it gets too late...... THATS NOT LOVE

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