Friday, October 17, 2014


I'm sworn to secrecy, and you didn't hear it from me, but things are a little crazy in the dining hall of the college that shall remain nameless.

Supervisors not speaking to employees, rampant nepotism, managers gossiping with the staff about other staff, super loud arguments heard by students, disparate treatment, lack of training and people trying to work anywhere else but here is the latest news.

In a word - YIKES!  Since everyone knows this is going on, how come nothing is being done about it so that this type of negative behavior continues, affecting morale?  Follow your own rules, people!

Meanwhile, the good news is that the football team is finally winning due to a new coach, and yes the phone usage has magnified since we last spoke. (lol)  The kids are reading more books these days and really buckling down to their studies, and they are still eating lots of salad and tofu. Even better, they are smiling a lot more and that's the best thing ever!

I'm not officially calling myself a cougar, because despite the cuteness of some of the guys, there is definitely no hooking up with a kid who can't keep his food on the plate while eating.  That just serves as a reminder that they're still really just high school students, sort of one year removed! (lol)

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