Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Sure, it's fun to speak with the would-be doctors, the up and coming attorneys, and the amazing scientists who may cure cancer at the college that shall remain nameless; but no, we do NOT want to see your butt hanging out once we're done conversing and you head out the door.

We thought that once the kids moved away from those baggy jeans, the underwear fashion show was over; apparently, we were wrong - dead wrong.  Something's not quite right about skinny jeans that are sagging, and that must be the reason you're not using a book bag or even carrying a novel.  How in the world can you carry anything if you're busy pulling up your clothing?  We just can't gage the comfort level with this fashion concept. YIKES!

Young ladies, you are beautiful, but no, we do NOT want to see your nipples peeking through your blouses, or over the top of your dress, and we bet your mom doesn't either.

 Uh...something about that just seems "too much".  I love a little cleavage myself, in fact, I'm known for it, but dang it, I draw the line with any type of wardrobe malfunction that may end up captured for life on a cell phone.

Come on kids, continue to have fun and enjoy life, but remember that it's not fair, but professionals gain a perception of who you are based on your attire.  Don't ruin that quest for greatness by giving the wrong impression of your brilliance and who you really are inside.

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