Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What Regrets Do YOU Have in the Name of Love

Uh oh...According to a recent survey, with Social Psychology, 44% of women did something that seemed ok at the time, then wished they could have a do over.  This applies to those who may have slashed a boyfriend's tires, called regularly to share how madly in love they were, got married too quickly, aired dirty laundry on Facebook, shared personal information about a lover, or sending a text to or calling "another" guy in error, etc. Yikes!

Men, on the other hand, had regrets 19% of the time when it came to romantic blunders, caring more about not making mistakes in the workplace.

What about you?  What regrets have you had in life that you wish you could change?  Even more importantly, why are these numbers so different between men and women?! (lol)



  1. I think men have done a lot more then they are saying is some of the reason for the number difference

    1. You may be right on that Ms. Kelly-Kelly! (lol)


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