Sunday, October 26, 2014


Have you ever contacted a company by phone and got stuck in automation hell?  Don't know who in the heck your local government council person is?  Want to be first to get valuable information on products, recalls or scams so you can show off for your friends?

Here's the 411:

To increase your chances of speaking to an actual LIVE person for literally thousands of businesses, along with valuable tips, visit these sites which even sound like they know what they're doing: or

If you have no clue of who has been elected in your neck of the woods and need their expertise to resolve a problem, find them fast by visiting: or (you may also file complaints at this site)

This site gives you valuable information on all kinds of scams, product recalls as well as intriguing stories you won't believe.


  1. Thank you. I recently got stuck in that situation with my electric company. I kept in an automated loop, getting no information or any where but frustrated.

    1. You're right this is the ultimate example of frustration. Ironically, many years ago, I actually had a job where I was the Automated Response Unit directing people where to go when they had cable problems. They finally stopped using my voice when guys kept making risque comments and solicitations to the customer service reps about how they wanted to meet the person behind the sexy voice. (lol)


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