Monday, December 8, 2014


On a weekly basis, I hear about various apps that make life easy when it comes to shopping and saving money, so I test them out to see what really works.

The #1 Rule to follow before adding an app is to pay attention to the ratings on ITunes or Google Play.  A large volume of complaints about the app not working or locking up the phone won't be worth your time.

I'm not a mall shopper because the only place I ever visit is the bookstore, but if you're obsessed with having all your favorite stores in one location - STOP, and load this app on your phone first!

The Shopular App literally has over 1000 malls loaded into its system from across the United States, so you can literally find out about every sale or in-store coupon as you're walking around to get your exercise, or eating a snack from the food court.  Feel free to use this where you live, or find out which mall is closest to family and friends in other states, so you can plan for a day of fun, crowds and food. (lol).

According to the Google Play Store, this App is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars, which is excellent and it's absolutely FREE!


  1. Does it do outlet malls or just regular malls, Ro? I'll definitely have to pass this one along to my SIL. She's a shopaholic. I don't live near a mall, but its not really a loss since I'm a bookstore gal like you.

  2. Hey There Sophia! Hope all is well on this Thankful Tuesday. Yes, when I checked Malls in NC, I saw the outlet there as well. You can check by state and it will provide a list. Really good one and SIL may end up being your new best friend! (lol) Hugs....


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