Monday, November 24, 2014


 Are you one of those people who pose on the elevator, at family events, or in the  mirror at home, just so you can have an exciting new picture to post on Facebook or Instagram for all the world to see?

If so,  according to a recent article in the Atlanta Journal, you are MORE likely to get a raise at work!  I know, it sounds totally crazy,  but The Job Factory, an Australian job finding agency, surveyed workers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore who posted 20 or more Selfies a month, and found that they actually received raises averaging 3.7%, compared to someone like me who NEVER takes pictures. People like us who stand in the corner, only average a raise of about 2.4%. Huh?  Can we get a recount, please?
I'm just saying that something just doesn't seem right about those figures, but that's just my two cents.

Craig Binnie, an executive at The Job Factory says that businesses are impressed by those who post via Social Media because they appear to exude plenty of confidence and ambition - traits which make them more likely to get an increase in salary.  I don't know about you, but I'm still shocked by this tidbit!  Call me a nut, but what in the world happened to getting a raise based solely on merit?

Just for the record, and you didn't hear it from me, (lol) but EVERY single day my husband takes at least 3-4 Selfies, and apparently because that's not enough, he then asks me to take even more pictures just in case anyone may have missed the ones he took of himself.  Can we say, "YIKES"?!


  1. I love the two dogs selfie, that's too much. I do not take any selfies for a couple reasons. First, I don't like my picture really being taken in a group, so why would I take am up close picture of just my mug??? Second, I don't have those phones with the two way camera so I really have no idea how to do a selfie with this phone, which works for me.

  2. Yes, if dogs are taking selfies now, we need to find them quickly to cash in on their skills! Like you, I don't want anyone taking my picture, so I definitely won't waste my time taking a picture of myself. (lol) The good thing is that I already know what you look like, so you're pretty safe. (lol) Hugs...


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