Monday, November 10, 2014


If you're looking to escape normal life for just 30-60 minutes, take time to experience the bliss, edgy humor and laugh out loud funny experiences associated with Selfie, Shanice & Flex, Marry Me and Around the House.  These characters are the ones you can't wait to invite to those boring parties or just want to hang out with when your regular best friend starts to get on your nerves.

I've watched these programs over and over

because some of the plots are totally absurd and crazy, making me appreciate the party that surely must be going on in heads of the writers!

Due to some of the raunchy humor, you may not want to watch with the kiddies, (with the exception of Flex & Shanice who manage to be funny, but still-G rated), but curl up at your leisure when they're not around with some yummy ice cream or other decadent delight! You'll soon be hooked just like me!


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