Friday, November 14, 2014


I read this story in the Post & Courier a little while ago, and was horrified at these statistics because it reflects information ONLY that has been reported and could actually be much, much worse.

These are women who have been killed by men who were supposedly in love, and in 77% of the cases, as reported, they were actually shot!

Here's the list as it stands, according to the Violence Policy Center:

1.  Alaska
2.  South Carolina
3.  Oklahoma
4.  Louisiana
5.  Mississippi
6.  Nevada
7.  Missouri
8.  Arizona
9.  Georgia
10.  Tennessee

When this article was written, some, including the wonderful author Ms. Frank, whom I've always admired, offered up kudos and support as written below:

 Dorothea Benton Frank
"I'd like to congratulate The Post and Courier for its fine investigative work into the crimes of domestic violence and domestic homicide. If I had the power to grant your journalists a Pulitzer I most certainly would. This complicated problem has many facets and the only way it will ever stop is if there are consequences that are of equal weight with the crime. Raising awareness is the first step. Again, congratulations and please keep up the excellent work."

In comparison to the woman listed below who has no understanding of what someone who has been abused goes through on a daily basis:

SweetJane Parx ·  Top Commenter · NUNYA BUSINESS
"Maybe it's not the mentality of the men but the mentality of the women. How does this state compare to the national average as far as women who insist on staying with a man who beats her? How do we compare when it comes to women who take men back in after the restraining order has expired? How do we compare when it comes to women who ignore their family and friends warnings that he's a scumbag?

But I guess let's don't really explore this too deeply, it's much more satisfying to do something that feels good than act on reality.

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